How do I stay healthy? Prioritize a good

How do I stay healthy? Prioritize a good

How do I stay healthy? Prioritize a good nights sleep Be proactive in accessing help or supports Be active at least 150 minutes a week Get involved in activities you like to do Stay connected to friends, family & important others Make selfcare a priority Be kind to yourself! Excellence does not require perfection Schedule time for fun and relaxation! De-stress Eat fruits & veggies every day

Sexual Violence If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, you can access a variety of supportive services, on and off campus. Not sure what to do? Contact Barb Lotan, Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Coordinator She can help you understand the options and connect you with the services you are comfortable with. Call Barb at 613-533-6330 or email her at [email protected] B502 Mackintosh-Corry Hall in the Human Rights Office Monday-Friday GET HELP. GIVE HELP. After hours or in an emergency, call Queen's 24h Emergency Line at 613-533-6111 . Where to get support Student Academic Success Services, Stauffer Library, 613.533.6315 Barb Lotan Sexual Violence McCorry Hall B502 Counsellors are located in residence & some faculties. Contact Student Wellness Services for more information Student Wellness Services, Health, Counselling, Accessibility and Health Promotion LaSalle Building, 140 and 146 Stuart St. AMS Peer Support

Centre, John Deutsch University Centre, Rm 034 (lower level) Faith & Spiritual LIfe JDUC Rm 142B Career Services, Gordon Hall, 613.533.2992 Feeling Overwhelmed? Re-focus on Self-Care Take care of yourself. Make yourself a priority. Re-balance Use Campus Supports -Student Academic Success Services (SASS) -Peer Support Centre -Peer Mentoring -Chaplains Office -Academic Advisors -International Centre -Career Services - Four Directions Talk About It Reach out to family, a friend, or a supportive other. Take Action Move. Create. Breathe. Make a change. Ask for help.

Come to Student Wellness Services Mental Health Support - Talk to a counsellor about how you are feeling (At LaSalle, in residence or in some Faculties) - See a family doctor or a nurse - Talk to one of our care co-ordinators - Make an appointment or drop-in Not sure who to see? Come to the front desk! Accessibility - Talk to your accessibility advisor if you are registered with Queens Student Accessibility Services Health Promotion -Make an appointment to discuss sleep, eating or activity habits, or to access health and wellness information, Student Wellness Services 146 Stuart St (LaSalle building). Health Promotion is next door 140 Stuart St. Worried about a Friend? They are sleeping way too much or too little They stop hanging out with friends and doing

things you know they like to do Their weight changes dramatically (gain or loss) They are having trouble making decisions or concentrating Does your friend need help? They are making decisions that are risky or unsafe They express feeling hopeless, helpless, worthless and/or trapped They are often sad, anxious, angry, irritable, or numb They stop going to class or handing in assignments Approach, Listen, Support, Refer them to Student Wellness Services

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