The Vision of IAGD is to bring about

The Vision of IAGD is to bring about

The Vision of IAGD is to bring about a transformation of dental professionals, who evolve into a confident, energetic and

enthusiastic group in India and across the globe and to uplift the general oral health and well being of the population.

The primary objective of the International Association of General Dentistry 1.Is to aim for perfect oral and general health of the public,

this will happen by promoting ethics, art and science of dentistry and supporting members to provide safe, high quality

professional oral care. 2. To enhance dentists caliber by providing quality dental education.

3. To provide a forum for research and development in all 5. To exchange information and expertise with other

institutions, and Organizations in India and abroad in the field of dental education. 6. To Prepare, Print and Publish papers or

periodicals and hold Seminars, Workshops and Conferences across the Globe. 7. To institute and award Scholarships, Fellowships, Prizes and Medals in accordance with the norms of the association.

With help of experts we mentor dentists to solve clinical practice issues International Journal 4issues/year(Printed/Online) Each member can take online course on Infection Control and

Dental Safety CDE Programs Annual conferences Paper/Poster presentations with cash prize in our conferences

Data base entry of members in our website Guidance for Medical indemnity/legal affairs Career Guidance

Current updates in Dentistry Scope for Expression of talent in our conferences Support for Clinic setup/design Website promotion for Academics/Practice Special discount on Textbooks published by Jaypee Brothers

Special offer on dental materials/equipments from reputed companies. Each member will get an ID Card As a value addition to your membership, IAGD

will consider conferring fellowship (FIAGD) to the members who have been active and innovative. A beautiful

plaque of fellowship

will be

presented at our annual conference in the hands of eminent personality. On Infection control and dental safety.

Visit Medical emergencies in Dental office Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence Nov. 18th

Conducted a CDE on Infection Control:From Regulations to Dental Practice at R V Dental College,Bangalore by Dr Raghu Puttaiah 21st Nov. KLE Dental

college Bangalore by Dr Felix Wohrle 22nd Nov. Ramaiah Dental college Bangalore

23rd Nov. Manipal college of Dental sciences Mangalore

24th Nov. R. V. Dental College Bangalore 24th Nov. Oxford Dental College Bangalore

25th Nov. V. S. Dental College Bangalore 25

th Nov. GDC Bangalore Next CDE

Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences,Delhi on 26th December 2011 National level essay competition on

Internet in Dentistry: Boon or Bane? Membership Fees: All the benefits plus

Online Journal - Rs 1500 Printed Version -Rs 2500 NOTE: Dentist members who do not wish to have a print or online access, need to pay

only Rs 800 Student Members-Rs 250 Contact Us: # 10 L-M, 4TH N BLOCK ,

Dr. RAJKUMAR ROAD, RAJAJINAGAR, BANGALORE-560 010. KARNATAKA, INDIA Contact: +91 8050798169 Website: USA Office : 102 Esplanade Place, Stafford Texas USA-77477 For any queries, contact us at [email protected] or

[email protected] Stands to create a noble Vision to Elevate the Energy, Enthusiasm, Self-esteem, Confidence and Excellence towards dentistry .

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