Welcome to our Presentation Cloudy life Group Members

Welcome to our Presentation Cloudy life Group Members

Welcome to our Presentation Cloudy life Group Members Farid Ahmed

Mahbuba Akther Marufa Aktar Shamsun Nahar Shanaj Parvin 2 Chapter-18

Technology-Enabled Communication Technology-Enabled Communication Tools for constructing messages Tools for presenting messages

Tools for transmitting messages Tools for collaboration Feature Developments Tools for constructing messages Computer tools for planning. Computer Tools for gathering and collecting

information. Computer Tools for analyzing and organizing Computer Tools for writing. Computer tools for planning Outlining or brainstorming Project management

Personal information management Tools for gathering and collecting information When you need information for a writing task, consider conducting an electronic search. While technology makes constructing

documents with graphics easy, writers still need to carefully review the messages they send. Data can be gathered form internal or external computers. Push Technologies

Filtered Channels my.yahoo.com my.msn.com Company portals Personal Agents Google news alerts

Journal alerts Aggregators (RSS) 13 Aggregator: FeedReader

14 Tools for analyzing and organizing Tools for writing

Statistics Spreadsheet Graphics Outlining or Brainstorming

Excel Statistics 16 Data Generated Graphics Graphics from Data Mining

Courtesy of Omniviz Computer Tools for writing.

Word processing software

Spelling checkers Thesaurus software Grammar style checkers Reference programs Graphics and drawing tools Speech recognition tools IRM

Some Word Processing Features for Business Writers Editing/Revising Features Special Function Features Editing/Revising Features

Insert/Delete Move/Copy Search/Replace Calculating/Sorting Tables

Hidden Text or Remarks Hyphenation Formatting/Styles Special Function Features

Footnotes Table of Contents and Index Generators

Merge Macros QuickText and AutoText Shortcuts Headers and Footers Speech Recognition Just talk to your PC and

your words appear immediately on the screen, in letters, email, chat rooms, and more. See video demos on the text web site.

Smart Art Tool in Word 2007 Information Rights Management (IRM) 29

Tools for Presenting Messages Software (print and digital) Desktop Publishing Word Processors Web Authoring Tools Portable Document Publishers

Hardware Printers Computer Displays 30 Tools for transmitting messages The medium in which you choose to send your message is

important. Mobile technology expands the physical environment of the message sender. Voice messaging systems are gaining business use. Videoconferencing combines oral and video media. Tools for Transmitting Messages

Channel Characteristic Oral Messages Visual Messages

Combinations Physical Tool Mobile Phones Voice Message Systems Sound Files/Internet Phones Paper

Electronic Mail Facsimile (Fax) HTML Documents Text and Instant Messaging Videoconferencing Smart Phones/Video Email Video Instant Messaging

Multimedia Blogs Compound Documents 32 Tools for collaboration Asynchronous computer tools Synchronous computer tools

Tools for Collaboration Form Asynchronous

Tools Word Processing Electronic Mail Discussion Tools (blogs, wikis, and threaded discussions) Groupware

Synchronous Face-to-face Meeting Systems Distributed Meeting Systems

34 Word Add-in to Remove Hidden Data 36 View WordPerfect Office X3 Demo on Feature for Removing Meta Data

Examples of Synchronous Collaboration Tools Face-to-Face Tools ThinkTank Polycom VTEL

Distributed and Web-based Tools WebEx Groove/Microsoft Office Live Meeting GoToMeeting 37 Future Technologies

Near Term Miniaturization of hardware Extended battery life Growth of Internet TV and video Improved email Explosion of web services and mash ups Growth of social networking

Future Technologies Longer Term Adaptive computing Machine learning Natural language searching Effective use of social networking

Future Technologies Result: Human mind will continue to control message formulation. Increased need for more people with good communication skills.

Advances in technology are more likely to increase the demand for people with good writing and speaking skills.

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