Meal Planning Chapter 5 Meal Planning Eilis Flood

Meal Planning Chapter 5 Meal Planning  Eilis Flood

Meal Planning Chapter 5 Meal Planning Eilis Flood 1 Factors that affect meal planning Meal Planning 1. Dietary restrictions. 2. Nutrition. 3. Amount of time available to shop and cook. 4. Money/equipment available. 5. Climate and the availability of foods in season. Cold weather: Hot dishes such as stew. Hot weather: Cold dishes such as salads. 6. Ability of the cook. 7. Occasion. Eilis Flood

2 Meals Meal Planning Main meals are usually divided into courses. 1. Starter or appetiser This course should be something tasty and not too filling. 2. Main course A meat, fish or vegetarian dish is central to this course. Accompaniments are also served. 3. Dessert or cheese board Hot or cold desserts. A cheese board. Tea or coffee. Eilis Flood 3 Meal Planning

Menus There are basically two types of menu: Table dhte. la carte. Eilis Flood 4 Table dhte menus Meal Planning Eilis Flood Table dhte is a set-price menu, usually cheaper than the la carte menu, although you pay the full menu price even if you do not have all the courses. Two to five courses are usually on offer, with a limited number of dishes to choose from for each course (see sample on next slide). 5

Sample table dhte menu Meal Planning Table Table dhte dhte menu menu Starters Starters Pan-fried garlic Pan-fried garlicmushrooms mushrooms Bruschetta Bruschetta Toasted ciabatta Toasted ciabattabread breadtopped topped with tomato, basil

and olive with tomato, basil and oliveoil oil Deep-fried brie with red onion Deep-fried brie with red onion relish relish Eilis Flood Main Maincourse course Pork Porkmedallions medallions Medallions of

Medallions ofpork porkfillet, fillet,pan pan fried with julienne of onion, fried with julienne of onion, peppers peppersand andmushroom mushroomin inaa pepper peppersauce sauce Poached salmon Poached salmon Fillet of

Fillet ofsalmon salmonpoached poachedin inaa light lightcream creamsauce sauce Vegetable risotto Vegetable risotto Chicken ChickenPiri PiriPiri Piri Desserts Desserts Meringue nest Meringue nestwith withfresh freshfruit

fruit Profiteroles with hot chocolate Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce sauce Hot apple pie Hot apple pieserved servedwith withfresh fresh cream or ice cream cream or ice cream Tea Teaor orcoffee

coffee Price Price38 38 6 Meal Planning Eilis Flood la carte menus On an la carte menu, each item is priced separately. The menu may be several pages long, with a separate page with lots to choose from for each course (see the sample on the next slide). 7 Sample starter page from an la carte menu Meal Planning

la carte Starters Pan-fried garlic mushrooms Home-made roasted winter vegetable soup 4.50 3.75 Bruschetta Toasted ciabatta bread topped with tomato, basil and olive oil 3.75 Tiger prawns in filo pastry Tossed in garlic butter and served with a sweet and sour dip 7.25 Deep-fried brie with red onion relish 5.25

Greek salad Fresh vine tomatoes with peppers, onions, cucumber with feta cheese and oregano dressing Eilis Flood 5.25 8 Rules for writing a menu Meal Planning Eilis Flood Write down the centre of the page. List courses in the order they are eaten. Write the main dish of the course first and then the accompaniments. Leave a line or place a motif between courses. Describe dishes in some detail: give the cut of meat or fish and the cooking method, such as roast loin of pork.

9 Buffets Meal Planning Eilis Flood When catering for large numbers, such as a twenty-first birthday party, a buffet is often best. Food should be laid out in a logical way, with drinks served at a separate table. 10 Buffet foods Meal Planning Eilis Flood Hot main course Salads Desserts Other

Beef, vegetable or Cold meat salads, Cheesecake, fresh Boiled rice, rolls, chicken curry; e.g. ham, turkey fruit flans, mousse, bread, salad pizza, quiche, slices; Waldorf fruit salad and cocktail salad, pasta cream, apple and sausages, chilli salad, potato

rhubarb crumble or con carne, salad, rice salad, tart chicken la king coleslaw dressings 11 Formal table setting Meal Planning Eilis Flood

Everything should be spotless and should match if possible. Fill clean salt and pepper containers (condiments). Keep flower arrangements low. Place a jug of iced water on the table just before the meal begins. Cutlery used first is on the outside.

When serving, serve food to the left of the person eating and clear empty plates from the right. 12 Planning a meal Meal Planning Eilis Flood Once you have decided what you are going to cook, you now have to shop for the ingredients, store them correctly before use and then prepare the meal using an effective time or work plan. 13 Shopping for food Meal Planning 1. Shop for food only once a week.

2. Make out a shopping list. 3. Buy food in clean shops with a large variety of goods and a high turnover. 4. Stick to your shopping list. 5. Avoid pre-packed fruit, vegetables and meat. 6. Check use-by dates and that food in supermarket freezer cabinets is stored below 18C and below the load line. 7. Pack foods away at home as soon as possible after purchase. Eilis Flood 14 Time/work plans Meal Planning Both time and work plans list all the tasks involved in preparing, cooking and serving a meal in the order it makes sense to carry them out. Time plans, unlike work plans (see Chapter 9),

include specific times. Basically, with both you work out how long it will take to make the various dishes on your menu and begin with the dish that takes the longest to make. Eilis Flood 15 Presenting food Meal Planning Before we taste food, we see it. How food is presented is very important. All tableware must be spotlessly clean. Wipe spills from dishes or plates before bringing them to the table. Garnish or decorate food attractively, but do not overdo it. Eilis Flood

16 Garnishing and decorating food Meal Planning Garnish: Savoury foods. Decorate: Sweet foods. Eilis Flood 17 Garnishes Meal Planning Garnishes can either take the form of items placed on or beside food, such as lemon twists, or sauces, such as fillet steak with peppered sauce. Lemon and lime loops

Herbs Eilis Flood Spring onion tassel Lemon/lime twist Tomato roses Julienne strips Tomato collar 18 Meal Planning Eilis Flood Dishes and their suggested accompaniments/garnishes

Dish Suggested garnish Soup Fish Parsley, swirl of cream, croutons Lemon wedges or twists, tartar sauce, tomato roses Lamb Mint sprigs, mint sauce Turkey Cranberry sauce Beef Horseradish

Pork Apple sauce Duck Orange sauce, orange twists 19 Meal Planning Desserts can be decorated with a fruit coulis and a sprig of mint. Eilis Flood 20 Sweet dishes are decorated in lots of other ways Meal Planning

Piped cream Eilis Flood Piped cream. Pastry decorations. Fruit. Sugar-based decorations. Icing. Glac icing (feathering) Strawberry fans 21 Meal Planning Eilis Flood 22

1. List six factors that affect meal planning. Meal Planning 2. Name the three most common courses in a meal and give two examples of dishes suited to each course. 3. What are the two main types of menu? 4. List the five main rules for writing menus. 5. When is a buffet most likely to be the chosen option? How should a buffet be laid out? Eilis Flood 23 6. Describe six guidelines for a formal table setting. Meal Planning 7. List seven rules that should be followed when shopping for food. 8. What are time/work plans and what is their

purpose? 9. Are savoury dishes garnished or decorated? 10. How would you garnish each of the following: (a) soup (b) fish (c) lamb (d) turkey (e) beef (f) pork (g) duck? 11. What is a fruit coulis? What is it normally used for? 12. Name three ways of decorating a sweet dish such as a cake or trifle. Eilis Flood 24 Meal Planning Assignment 10, p. 31 Now test yourself at Eilis Flood 25

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