Oracle Applications R12.2 New Features GreenChain Software Solutions

Oracle Applications R12.2 New Features GreenChain Software Solutions

Oracle Applications R12.2 New Features GreenChain Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Oracle has announced Oracle EBS 12.2 version on Sep 19, 2013. This latest version presents Online Patching to support administrations with high-availability requirements by dramatically reducing planned maintenance downtimes.

Oracle E-Business Tax Ability to import customer tax information New way to define a tax rule. We have ability to evaluate if an attribute on a transaction is null or not null Users can now utilize the Customer Interface program to import the following tax information: Party Tax Profile Tax Registrations Exemptions Reporting Code Association. Users can define rules to calculate taxes using null transaction

attributes. Two new operators, Null and Not Null are available to specify whether a transaction attribute is allowed to be null during tax calculations. Oracle Payables Payment Acknowledgement Import Oracle Payments can import payment acknowledgement reports containing payment status for bank received payment files. Users can: Map bank acknowledgment codes with system defined acknowledgment codes

Import acknowledgment data Import multiple acknowledgments per payment Review acknowledgment details including bank reported errors and status Oracle General Ledger Added integration to Hyperions Data Relationship Management (DRM) and to Fusions Accounting hub

Users can take advantage of new Fusion General Ledger capabilities, such as embedded Essbase integration with real-time analytics. Generate boardroom ready financial statements Analyze variances with exception-based online account monitoring Online slice-and-dice account analysis. Oracle Financials for India Enhanced Bill of Entry Functionality Create bill of entry records referencing documents such as Purchase Orders, Releases, and Advanced Shipping Billing Notices Account for custom duty taxes at the tax type level Assign taxable basis based on landed cost or assessable value Calculate taxable basis using exchange rates specified by

customs. Oracle Financials for India TDS feature can support advanced tax determination features, navigation and usability improvements for tax integration with Payables invoices and centralized tax repository which enables powerful reporting capabilities. The tax invoice generation on Shipment feature is seamlessly integrated with Shipment event. Oracle Financial for India Creditors Ledger and India Creditors Trial Balance reports, report architecture has been modified for

improved performance. Users have ability to import legacy application computed taxes or use Oracle Financials for India to calculate taxes for receivables and payables transactions on import. Receivables Ability to review and sweep accounting transactions. The new Sweep Invalid Distributions report shows the details of the accounting exceptions that are holding the period close for review and action. If the amount involved is not material from the reporting perspective and resolving the accounting exceptions is likely to delay the period close then the transactions with invalid accounting can be swept to the next open period.

Ability to automate the Auto Lockbox processing. Prior to 12.2.2, the lockbox programs had to be launched manually from the forms. Receivables now allows these programs to be submitted as standard concurrent requests. This allows you to schedule the submission of the program to coincide with the receipt of the file from the bank. Ability to programmatically assign a customer to an unidentified receipt via an API.

Integration with Aisino Golden Tax system V7.20 on which one Golden Tax transactions can map multiple VAT invoices VAT invoice types can be defaulted by customer taxpayer types, and user can change the default VAT invoice type on receivable transaction level Allow to split transaction lines while unit price exceeds maximum VAT invoice amount limit. Oracle Environmental Accounting & Reporting

One of the pre-built OBIEE reporting and analytics dashboards supported in EA&R covers the quantitative responses to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) The Carbon Disclosure Project report has been enhanced to support additional questions under the 2011 guidelines. The dashboard can now display: emissions in metric tons, emission factors applied for GHG calculations and their origin; breakdown of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by activity; amount of fuel, electricity, heat, steam, and cooling in MWh consumed by an organization

during the reporting year; breakdown of fuel usage by fuel type; year by year comparison of combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions year by year comparison of Scope 3 emissions by source; and gross combined Scope 1 and 2 emissions for the reporting year in metric tons CO2e per full time equivalent (FTE) employee. Enhanced Performance Dashboards: Pre-built Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) dashboards enable the dynamic generation of reports providing insight into an organizations emissions and other environmental impacts The dashboards provide information on energy usage, emissions,

key performance indicators (KPIs), activities and transactions. Users can view graphical representations of the data Enhanced Key Performance Indicators: Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting enables organizations to create and modify standard and custom industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and monitor key environmental metrics such as energy, waste, and water Normalize data to operational metrics and use a drag-and-drop environment in OBIEE to create custom reports.

In the 12.2 release it is now possible to set a threshold in the KPI Metrics history page highlighting to users whether the organization is performing above, below or in-line with the targets so that corrective actions can be taken as needed to successfully execute on the organizations sustainability initiatives.

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