Staffing (Recruitment, Placement and Compensation) SSG Matthew Shifflett,

Staffing (Recruitment, Placement and Compensation) SSG Matthew Shifflett,

Staffing (Recruitment, Placement and Compensation) SSG Matthew Shifflett, SGT Hollie Craft, SPC Michael Painter, TSgt Brent Feller WVNG Supervisors Training What is Staffing? Recruitment & Placement

Advertisements Reassignments Promotions Changes to Lower Grade (CLG) Temporary Hires and Promotions Permanent Change in Station (PCS) Reduction In Force (RIF) Transfer of Function Compensation 2

Recruitment Supervisor should anticipate vacancies and personnel actions that will help maintain appropriate workforce manpower, such as Pending Retirement Loss of Military Membership Resignation Promotion

Reassignment LWOP/AUS Use temporary or indefinite technicians to backfill shortterm vacancies 3 Tenure & Dual-Status Tenure and status define the type of appointment under which an employee is hired Tenure 0 = Temporary Technicians Tenure 1 = Permanent/Career Techs. (initial trial period completed)

Tenure 2 = Conditional Techs. (currently serving initial trial period) Tenure 3 = Indefinite Techs. Dual-Status vs. Non Dual-Status Dual-Status Employee (aka Military Technician) A Federal civilian employee who is required to maintain membership in the military selected reserve as a condition of their civilian employment Non Dual-Status Employee A Federal civilian employee who is not required to maintain membership in the military selected reserve as a condition of their civilian employment 4 Recruiting and Retention Strategies

Supervisors must sell the Technician Program Excellent medical and retirement benefits (TSP matching) Excellent promotion and upward mobility opportunities Competitive Salaries Service to Nation and State 5 Advertising Vacancies Starts with a form SF52 What position(s) are you trying to fill? Who are you trying to recruit? Do you have any special needs? Is the position hard to fill?

Inform potential recruits (full-time traditional workforce) Vacancy availability Application requirements and deadline HR Staffing as a resource 6 Advertisement SF52 Prior to submission to HR: Signatures by appropriate authorities (i.e. Selecting official and Activity Head) What happens when submitted through SF52 distribution:

Received by HR Classification Specialist reviews PD and Validates Position Staffing Prepares Advertisement Staffing sends draft announcement to selecting supervisor for review 7 Advertisement Continued Supervisor reviews the announcement to ensure the information is correct, that it is not too restrictive, that it meets military compatibility needs

# of Days Job will be Open Title, PD#, Grade Area(s) of Consideration Minimum/Maximum Military Grades Duties & Responsibilities Qualifications, Additional Requirements, etc. Upon Review, reply to HR with changes/approval 8 Advertisement Strategies For positions that may invite large numbers of

applicants, the eligible applicant pool can be constrained allowing only a select group of specifically qualified personnel to apply. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Constrain Areas of Consideration (i.e. Area 1 to a specific shop) Constrain military ranks (ex: E6 E7 only, as opposed to E1-E8) Constrain military specialty code (specific AFSCs/MOSs) Provide additional qualification requirements Indefinite or Indefinite May Become Permanent 9

Prior to Certification While waiting for the closing of the announcement: HR only accepts applications through on or before the closing date Most jobs are not accessible via a USAjobs search; use the job announcement links on the HR webpage HR Staffing will assist applicants Announcement closes and HR personnel review the applicants for certification. Process could take a few weeks depending on workload and number of applicants 10 Certification Process of reviewing applications against the

positions qualification standards. Certification panel may include any combination of the following: HR specialists a union representative a subject matter expert an EEO representative 11 Certification Results Applicants notified of certification results (through USAjobs email) Certified applicants are provided to selecting supervisor Provided in batches based on Area of Consideration HR notifies selecting supervisor via email that includes: Blank SF52

Air/Army Selection Form Compatibility Form Directions on making selections Selecting Supervisor must interview all provided applicants 12 Recommendation/Selection Supervisor will complete and provide to HR: SF52 Air/Army Selection Form

Compatibility Form Tentative selection in USA Staffing HR will ensure: EEO Review Military/technician compatibility Coordination with other HR functions TAG approval Approval notification provided to selecting supervisor

Final selection in USA Staffing Selection Manager 13 Approval Supervisor responsibilities: Do not provide selection results to applicants until receive approval notification from HR Notify all interviewed applicants of selection results; recommend notify selectee first in case he/she declines offer Notify HR of any changes in start date Provide information and resources to selectee(s) HR responsibilities:

Notification of areas not interviewed Personnel action in data system (DCPDS) SF50 generation New technician in-briefing (NEO) Setting of salary and benefits 14 Compensation Staffing sets salaries for all technicians, hires and moves Current employees are eligible for increased pay via promotions and step increases New hires generally start at step 1, but may be eligible for Highest Previous Rate (HPR) Advanced in Hire Rates

Special Pay Options (determined by HR, set by finance) Shift Differential Holiday Pay Sunday Pay Environmental Differential Pay (EDP) / Hazard Duty Pay (HDP) 15 Compensation - Promotions GS technicians: Promotion entitlement: an amount equal to or greater than a 2-step increase in previous grade FWS technicians: Promotion entitlement: current pay with an addition of 4% of representative rate (Step 2) of previous grade Amount may be influenced by change in locality

wages/salaries Moving Between Pay Systems: Member is entitled to Highest Previous Rate (HPR) 16 Within Rate/Grade or Step Increases Step increases based on longevity are automatically calculated and given to the technician based on time in the position: GS (only for non-temporary technicians): Step 1 4 1 year Step 4 7 2 years Step 7 103 years FWS (for all technicians): Step 1 2 6 months Step 2 3 18 months Step 3 5 2 years

17 Highest Previous Rate (HPR) New hires and current technicians may be eligible for HPR, at the agencys discretion Must have previously been employed by a government agency for 90+ days, within the last 5 years Must provide proof of previous income (LES, SF50) Candidates pay can only be set within the positions grade If possible, set at an amount equal to but no less than previous salary If previous salary exceeds the highest step within the positions grade, pay will be set at the highest step Does not mean highest previous grade or step * Exceptions found in 5 CFR, 531-212 a (3) (i) 18

Advanced In-Hiring Rates Supervisor must provide request and supporting documentation along with selection SF52 not after New hire must be entering the Federal Service for the first time or after a break-in-service of 90 days or more* Must have unusually high qualifications and be forfeiting income that would justify a salary above the base pay, or have a unique combination of education and experience that meets a special need of the West Virginia National Guard Provide proof of current income (LES, pay stubs, W-2) Advanced In-Hiring Rate may not be more than 20% above the candidates actual earnings * Exceptions found in 5 CFR, 531-212 a (3) (i) 19

Advanced In-Hiring Rates Supervisors must certify in writing that the candidate: Is forfeiting income that justifies a salary above step-1 for the grade, and either Possesses superior qualifications or a special need Determination of Superior Qualifications Quality of the candidates accomplishments as compared to others in the field Relevance of candidates experience and education Determination of Special Needs Candidate needs to bring to the position a unique type or quality of knowledge, skills, and abilities that could not otherwise be obtained Position being filled must be directly related to mission or program goals Superior Qualifications are not appropriate for:

Administrative/clerical support positions A lack of high quality candidates 20 Special Pay Options GS Shift Differential: Basic Rate + 10% for work scheduled and performed between 1800-0600 Differential added to paid leave period when amount is less than 8 hours/pay period FWS Shift Differential: Basic Rate + 7.5% if MAJORITY of hours between 1500-2400 OR 10% if MAJORITY of hours between 2400-0800 Sunday Pay: GS & FWS: Base Rate + 25% Part-time technicians not eligible Environmental Differential Pay (EDP) and Hazardous Duty Pay (HDP):

EDP is for FWS, HDP is for GS PD determines if eligible, pay percent determined by OPM based on hazard exposure 21 Other HR Responsibilities Ensures internal placements are considered for voluntary and/or involuntary Reassignments / Lateral Transfers Changes to Lower Grade Reduction In Force (RIF) Transfer of Function 22 REVIEW Staffing

1. Recruitment 2. Placement 3. Compensation 23 Resources / References TPR 300-1 Merit Placement for Excepted and Competitive Technicians WVHR 531-212 Superior Qualifications Advanced In- Hiring Rate Additional references are available on the HR website at 24

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