The Geography & Peoples of Europe Adapted Adapted

The Geography & Peoples of Europe Adapted Adapted

The Geography & Peoples of Europe Adapted Adapted from from Ms. Ms. Susan Susan M. M. Pojer Pojer Horace

Horace Greeley Greeley High High School School Chappaqua, Chappaqua, NY NY Europes Latitude v. U.S. Former Soviet Region Compared in Latitude & Area with the United

States Satellite View of Europe 3,800 square miles R E G I O N

S Continents by Size (sq. km.) Asia 44,579,000 Africa 30,065,000 North America

24,256,000 South America 17,819,000 Antarctica 13,209,000 Europe

9,938,000 Oceania (incl. Australia) 7,687,000 Topography Europe: A Peninsula of

Peninsulas? OR A Peninsula of Asia? Europe: An Asian Peninsula? Northern Peninsulas Scandinavian Peninsula

Jutland Peninsula Southern Peninsulas Iberian Peninsul a Italian PeninsulBalkan

Peninsul a a Crimean Peninsul a Pe n. n ia

nd in av Sc a P e n i n s

u l a s Jutland Pen. Crimean Pen. Italian Pen. Iberian Pen.

Balkan Pen. B o d i e s Arctic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean of En Baltic Sea el n

n a Ch h glis Caspian Sea Bay of Biscay ria

Ad Dardanelles Strait tic Strait of Gibraltar Tyrrhenian Sea

a Se W a t e r North Sea

Aegean Sea Mediterranean Sea Black Sea The Mediterranean Sea Strait of Gibraltar

& the Pillars of Hercules 2,400 miles long & 1,000 miles wide Crossroads of 3 Continents R. R. Volga Ebro R.

Ti be r R. D on . rR pe

ie Dn R. Da nu be Po R. Tagus R.

. aR ul st . Vi rR de O be El

R. . R. Loire R e in

Rh Thames R. e in Se R i v e r

s R . The Danube River 1770 mile s

The Danube River Biking along the Danube Where Buda & Pest Meet Flows through the 12 countries of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, and the

Ukraine. The Volga River Its the longest river in Europe --> 2,300 miles. The Volga River The river is so polluted that the sturgeon catch has been decreased by

60%. Why are most of the capitals of Europe on major rivers? Capitals on the Rivers London London on on the

the Thames Thames Paris, Paris, right right bank of the Seine Prague Prague on the Vltava Budapest Budapest on

on the the Danube Danube Capitals on the Rivers Moscow Moscow on on the the Moscow Moscow River River

Berlin Berlin on the Spree Rome Rome on on the the Tiber Tiber Vienna Vienna on

on the the Danube Danube Whats the answer?? Answer: They are Europes lifeline!

l Ura M o u t a i n s

Mts . Carp at & P e a k s

Alps Mts. Py Di re na nn ric es Ap Al Mt

en ps s. ni n es M Mt. Vesuvius ^ ts. Mt. Olympus ^ Mt. Etna ^ hian Mts.

Caucasus Mts. Elevation Urals Caucasus Pyrennes Alps Carpathians

Apennines The Alps The Alps cover most of Switzerland, Austria, and parts of Italy and France. Mt. Blanc in the Alps Its the highest mountain in the Alps: 15,771 feet.

The Caucasus Mountains The origin of the word Caucasian. Transylvania in the Carpathian Mountains Home of Vlad Tepe, the Drakul (Count Dracula) 15

00 mi les Ural Mountains: The Great Divide It divides the European and Asian sections of Russia. The Ural Mountains

owlands L n ia r e ib S P l

a i n s P pean o r u ern E h

t r o N l ain pe s Step The BENELUX Countries * Belgium * Netherlands

* Luxembourg Hollands Dikes Amsterdams Canals P l a t e

a u s Meseta Pe n. n ia Sc a

. nd in av Mts Carp at

D on . rR pe ie Dn . aR ul st

. Vi rR de O R. hian Mts. R

. pe s Step Caspian Caucasus Mts. Sea Crimean Pen. Da nu

Alps Mts. Di be na Po R. r RBalkan ne ic Pen. Black

. Ap s M Italian Pen. A l e T p ts . Sea i b nn s

Dardanelles e r i ne Strait R. s M t Mt. Vesuvius ^ s. Anatolean Pen. Mt. Olympus ^ Aegean Tyrrhenian Sea Sea Mt. Etna ^

Peloponnesian Pen. ria Ad tic a Se Ebro R. Strait of

Gibraltar be El Iberian Pen. R. Bay of BiscayPy re

n . in n Pla a e p o n Eur r

e h t Nor R. En Loire R e

in Rh el n n a Ch h glis Thames R.

Baltic Sea R. Volga Jutland North Pen. Sea Tagus R.

M a p owlands L n ia r e ib

S l Ura Atlantic Ocean e in Se C

o m p l e t e d Arctic Ocean

10,000 BCE Ice Age Norwegian Fjords Glaciers cut deep valleys in the ocean during the Ice Age.

Earthquake Zones Reykjavik, Iceland: The Youngest Oldest Country Volcanoes Hot Springs Geysers Mediterranean Islands The are generally rugged & mountainous.

The Mediterranean Sea is so polluted that it will take 1000 years to clean up. Sardinia Cyprus Malta Mt. Etna, Sicily

an active volcano Mt. Vesuvius, Italy Pompeii, 79 CE 1944 eruption Herculaneum, 79 CE

Eastern Europe Eastern Europe Russias 10 Time Zones Siberia --> Permafrost The average temperatures of January vary from 0 to -50C and in

July from 1 to 25C. a former gulag Soviet prison camp 150,000,000 population. Lake Baikal, Siberia Its the oldest and deepest lake in the world. 20% of the worlds total

unfrozen water supply Trans-Siberian Railroad It was completed in Trans-Siberian Railroad The main line runs 5,785 miles. Climate

Europes Latitude v. US Climat e Average Annual Precipitation Vegetation Europes Natural Regions

The North European Plain The Northern European Plain --> An Invasion Route into Asia (& Vice Versa?) Steppes: Soviet Breadbasket The Steppes 25% of the old

Soviet Unions food supply Germanys Black Forest Germanys Black Forest Tundra: The Not-So-Barren Land Below the Arctic Circle L

a n d U s e Agricultural Activity Natural Resources R

E S O U R C E S Major Industrial Resource

s Oil Export Routes in the Caucasus Area Geographic Problems Major Environmenta l Disasters & Pollution

Problems Acid Rain Demographics World Population by Continents Asia 3,737,000,000 Africa

823,000,000 Europe 729,000,000 North America 486,000,000 South America

351,000,000 Oceania (incl. Australia) 31,000,000 Antarctica no permanent population

Major Religious Groups in Europe Population Density [People Per Square Mile] Belgium 336.82

Mexico 52.15 Japan 336.72 United States

29.77 India 336.62 World 14.42 United Kingdom

244.69 Norway 14.42 Italy 192.96 Canada

3.36 France 108.09 Russia 8.61 Population

Distributio n Populatio n Growth Members of the IndoEuropean Language Family Arrivederci! Good Bye!

Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Cairete! Adios! Do Svidani

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