Old v/s Historic What is historic anyway? Melissa

Old v/s Historic What is historic anyway? Melissa

Old v/s Historic What is historic anyway? Melissa Wyllie @Historic_Nash @mswyllie #oldhousefair Why does it matter? Impacts whether a property is worth saving Impacts how that property may be protected Impacts construction/renovation for a property or community Affects the culture of a place, whether locally, regionally or nationally Old buildings are just old while historic buildings are

worthy of preservation. @Historic_Nash @mswyllie #oldhousefair What is Historic? To be considered historic, a property must have three essential attributes: Sufficient age (generally at least 50 years old). That means buildings built in 1964 or earlier historic. A relatively high degree of physical integrity Historical significance. That last ones where it gets tricky @Historic_Nash @mswyllie

#oldhousefair Historic Criteria #1: Generally for a property to be old enough to be historic Age it must be at least 50 years old, although this is just a general rule of thumb. The property must be old enough to have been studied by historians, architectural historians, or archaeologists so its place in history is clear. @Historic_Nash @mswyllie #oldhousefair Criteria #2: Integrity A property must retain its historic physical integrity. This

means the property must be relatively unchanged. Its essential character-defining features relative to its significance must still be present. In my neighborhood some folks want every old building saved even though they are infested with termites, full of asbestos and other general neglect issues. @Historic_Nash @mswyllie #oldhousefair Criteria #3:

A property must be considered significant to be historic. Significance When most people think 'historically significant,' they may be thinking of history class-type history, rather than architectural history. (1) Association with individuals, events, activities, or developments that shaped, or reflect important aspects of our history (2) Characteristics of an architectural style or type of building, or a method of construction. Embodying high artistic values or fine craftsmanship (3) Potential to yield information important to our understanding of the past through archaeological, architectural, or other physical investigation and analysis. @Historic_Nash @mswyllie #oldhousefair

For Example: The Cordell Hull Building @Historic_Nash @mswyllie Constructed from 1952-1954 Good example of postWorld War II modern design One of the best examples of midcentury modern office architecture in the state Eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places Named after a

significant American Statesman, Tennessean Cordell Hull, the longest serving secretary of state #oldhousefair For Example: East Nashville Free House c.1885 Queen Annestyle house Sits on Eastland Avenue in East Nashville Originally the Spout Spring School In the 1970s, it was converted into 3 apartments.

The house is not located within a historic overlay @Historic_Nash @mswyllie #oldhousefair Where to Start? Gather information about the property description and documents Put the place in the context of history what can it tell us of a time in the past? An architectural style? The beliefs of a group of people? How well does it retain its character/architectural style The National Register of Historic Places "Criteria for Evaluation" or the designation standards found in a local historic preservation ordinance are commonly used to

measure the significance of a historic property. Ten ways to look up your houses history. @Historic_Nash @mswyllie #oldhousefair Nashvilles Historic Neighborhoods In Davidson County, there are over 4065 buildings or structures listed in the National Register individually or as a part of a National Register Historic District. Nashville's neighborhoods listed in the National Register of Historic Places are: Belle Meade Links Triangle, BelmontHillsboro, Buena Vista, East Nashville

(including portions of Lockeland Springs and East End), Edgefield, Germantown, Hillsboro-West End, Old Hickory Village, Richland-West End, Waverly Place, Whites Creek and Woodland in Waverly. @Historic_Nash @mswyllie #oldhousefair Nashvilles Historic Neighborhoods Belle Meade Links Triangle Belmont-Hillsboro Blakemore Broadway Cherokee Park

Eastwood Edgefield Elmington Place @Historic_Nash * Historic Preservation Zoning Overlay or a Neighborhood Conservation Zoning Overlay Germantown Greenwood Hillsboro-West End Lockeland Springs-East End Maxwell Heights Park and Elkins Richland-West End

See if your house is in an overla y @mswyllie #oldhousefair For Additional Information: Historic Nashville, Inc. www.historicnashvilleinc.org Metropolitan Nashville Historical Commission www.nashville.gov/Historical-Commission.aspx Tennessee Historical Commission www.tn.gov/environment/history/ National Preservation Trust www.preservationnation.org Secretary of the Interiors Treatment of Historic Properties Standards www.nps.gov/tps/standards.htm @Historic_Nash

@mswyllie #oldhousefair Thank You Keep Nashville Unique. www.historicnashvilleinc.org @Historic_Nash @mswyllie #oldhousefair

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