Building Information Management & Modeling (BIMM) 1 Problem

Building Information Management & Modeling (BIMM) 1 Problem

Building Information Management & Modeling (BIMM) 1 Problem Statement & Objective Problem Statement: NAVFAC lacks a comprehensive strategy for collecting, managing, & sharing required data & information through the lifecycle of a facility from planning to disposal Objective: Provide accurate, current, accessible facility data to improve management across BLs/SLs, and reduce total ownership cost for our customers (internal and external) 2 BIM Goal NAVFAC BIM will. 1. Identify inefficiencies, data redundancy, & gaps in current process 2. Integrate the Stove Pipes by linking the data 3. Insure buy-in of integrated processes across BL/SL 4. Improve lines of communication, resulting in closely coordinated BMS processes 5. Potentially re-align roles & responsibilities 6. Optimize current capabilities & determine future state 3 NAVFAC BIM Team Executive Team NAVFAC HQ o Objective: Development of life cycle building information,

data requirements & processes Modeling Team NAVFAC (SE, SW, MIDLANT) o Objective: Piloting the use of 3D modeling software at three Facilities Engineering Command (FECs ) Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC) East Coast Detachment Ocean Engineering (OE) 1. Objective: SPecialized Infrastructure Data - Enterprise Reporting System (SPIDERS) and Telestrator 3D a web-based desktop viewer Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC) 1. Objective: Planned effort on using BIM to work toward energy and sustainability goals 4 Executive Team Challenges To share accurate, current, & accessible bldg data across Command So what? Ideally, should reduce costs & improve productivity, however not easily quantifiable Reality: 1. Data maps identify gaps and disconnects

2. Difficult to measure gaps ($ impact) across enterprise 3. Difficult to quantify ROI ($) to mitigate gaps 5 Executive Team Challenges Aha Moments (Positive Incremental Steps) 1. PW - utility drawings required in GIS vice CAD 2. AM global & regional plans not aligned with MILCON prioritization; global & regional plans not graphically represented on installation master plans information not digital, current or updated Leverage Aha Moments for BIM Modeling Team for incorporation Definition of Success: 1. Document gaps, duplication, & disconnects 2. Develop streamline RFP for contractor to execute IT data fixes 6 Executive Team Status Established Executive BIM Team (12/10) during Integrated Planning Session. Developed top level life cycle data map across all BLs Top level life cycle data map expected to generate new (CPI) initiatives

CI lead and overall facilitator for ALL subsequent BL process data map sessions 1. 2. 3. 4. 7 PW data processes mapped (3/11) AM data processes mapped (7/11) EV data processes mapping scheduled FY-12 CI data processes mapping scheduled FY-12 Building Life Cycle Process Map Facility Planning Phase Design - Construction Activation / Post Construction D esign-C ons truct ion Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM) A ctiv ation/Post C onstruct ion M is s ion Change Preliminary D es ign Authoriz ation Ins tallation/PW D 1391 Need Facility D isposa l

Budget Ready 1391 10% D es ign Authority to Adv ertis e LEED Regis tration Cus tomer Requirements Ex isting F ac ility D ata Ins tallation/PW D 1391 D ec lare Exc es s Us e / M odify Exis ting Fac ilities or Build N ew Preliminary Ec onomic Analys is Ev aluate Real Es tate Conduc t S ell L and U s e Capability Trans fer D is pos al D ynamic M as ter Planning M ap F ac ilitie s

M ap Environmental Cons traints M ap U tilities M ap Infras tructure CIP Environmental Cons traints Identified N EPA-CAT/EA/ EIS Site Approval Interim BOD 1354 C om ple te Re g io n / F E C 13 91 Start D evelop D es ig n Award D B Contrac t or Cons truc tion Contrac t D emolis h Award D B Contrac t F inal D es ig n Basis of D es ign RFP (D B) Cons truct Fac ility Award Cons truction Contrac t

Financ ial Clos eout (1 yr aft er BO D ) Turn O ver Fac ility LEED Ac c reditation eO M SI's Criteria/Regulations Total O wners hip Cost Sc hedule of Pric es Authority to Advertis e (D BB) Contrac tor Fac ility D ata Final 1354 (M AXIM O) Commis sioning D ata Categ ory I/II G o to eProjec ts As -Builts /Floor Plans Plac e holder: IT Sys tems N IRIS S ys tem

Public L o c a l PW D Works EPG EIM S for Compliance D rChec ks eProjec ts Analyz e G IS Publish CIP Link to inFAD S U pdates to Condition W ork Order/Project D oc uments Simultaneous Ac tiv ities F uture: ICS Ac c reditation Loaded into eF iles LEED Ac c reditation goes to PW ? As -Builts Updates

Commiss ioning Period Training Load M AXIM O (M anual/Auto) As s ign InH ous e or BOS Contrac t W IS " Ac tiv iation" Update to M AXIM O (trans fer to inF AD S ) W arranty Period Rev iew OM SI M anuals As -Builts (PW ) Audits and Ins pections Service Contract Simultaneous Ac tiv itie s : Energy D ata As s et Evaluation/BF R Validate CategoryIII/IV G o to S ervic e Call (G enerated) Preventiv e

M aintenanc e W ork Order Completion LEED Is s ues (Future) Retor-Commis s ion D ata Env ironmental Compliance Land U s e Change Tracker(EV) D U ERS Floor Plans (Contrac tor Site Plans ) Energy D ata CUBIC --ER, U P, UA, M D M IT Apps P u b lic W o rk s ( B L ) CIRCU ITS (future) Create end to end process map Establish current data exchange points to include: Applications Hand offs Data entry Storage Enhanc ed U se F inal 1354 D es ig n

Plans & Spec s Calc ulations Plans & Spec s 8 Disposal Sus tainment, R e storation a nd Moderniz at ion (SR M) Final D es ig n Authoriz ation Capital C a p it a l Im p r o v e m e n t s Improvements Asset A s s e t M a n a g e me nt Management Supported S u p p o rt e d C o mma nd Command Fa cility Planning Phase Executive Team Tasks & Objectives Task Objective Start Date Develop Communication Plan Draft charter and communication for Team, stakeholders, POAM, etc. FY11 2nd Quarter

Identify Data Requirements Identify existing data requirements for all BLs FY11 2nd Quarter Identify Existing IT Identify existing IT tools for collection and storage of building related data Finalize detailed process map FY11 2nd Quarter Current State Analysis Evaluate existing data and processes; determine GAPS and identify process improvement opportunities; identify common data elements, duplication, & value; identify justification for building data (mandates); identify efficiencies and effectiveness FY13 1st Quarter Develop Future State for BIM (Analysis) Based on Current State Analysis: Confirm and agree upon Future criteria FY13 2nd Quarter of BIM; develop business case (scope, cost, schedule) Document Process 9 FY12 3rd Quarter Develop Implementation Strategy Develop Business Case and performance metrics for BIM implementation in order to determine value FY13 3rd Quarter

Business Case Analysis Approval Obtain BMB approval, Plan Execution FY13 4th Quarter Modeling Team Status MIDLANT BIM Projects: Renovation of Barracks K-K and K-J at the Norfolk Naval Station, FY12 Renovation of Barracks I-F at the Norfolk Naval Station, FY12 SE - BEQ project FY-12 start SW MV22 Hangar FY-12 start 10 MIDLANT Modeling Team Status Public Works Department (PWD) - Norfolk The first In-house BIM design project for NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic to date. Estimated Construction Value: $12 Million Size: 25,000 SF (per building) 11 The project is a reconfiguration of the building interiors to a 1+1 room module layout. It is the intent of this project to provide apartments consistent with private

sector residential standards by upgrading MEP features and meeting current code requirements. Pursue LEED Silver Certification Renovation of Barracks K-K, K-J and I-F Naval Station Norfolk Norfolk, Virginia MIDLANT Modeling Team Status Public Works Department (PWD) - Norfolk Advantages of Building Integrated Modeling (BIM): 12 Efficiency All drawings are naturally coordinated because they come from the same database. Any changes that you make anywhere are automatically updated throughout the project. Intelligent Modeling Better understanding how the building can perform in different environmental conditions due to early simulations and analytical studies. Integrating Systems All

disciplines that work in the same model achieve a higher level of coordination. Having data and graphics completely integrated make sure that designs are in line with programmatic requirements. NFESC East Coast Detachment OE BIM Overview SPIDERS Is a data management tool containing normalized waterfront and bridge facility configuration, component, capacity and condition information Telestrator 3D is a web-based desktop viewer that can readily interface with SPIDERS 1. It currently visualizes geospatially accurate weapon platforms, installations, facilities and shore interface support equipment 2. It operates on the NMCI Network 13 NFESC East Coast Detachment OE Schedule 14 SPIDERS 1.0 currently in development to support PW provides asset condition data (and work order information in the future) to MAXIMO; ATO planned for 30 June, 2011 SPIDERS 2.0 will be connected to Telestrator

3D to provide accurate 3D representation of the physical asset and view associated attribute data Potential Telestrator 3D use by Capital Improvements (CI) with dynamic design charrettes Telestrator 3D Viewer (BIM) Virtual Environment Example 22 33 36 201 111 76 Washington Navy Yard 15 BIM Approaches NAVFAC is Investigating lite BIM model: NFESC East Coast Detachment OE A 3D, lightweight, non-parametric geometric representation that contains some attribute information for a specific functional purpose Valuable when used to visualize objects in real time Typically used as a portal to access Information from SPIDERS, MAXIMO, iNFADS, eOMSI, etc. Applies to Buildings, Ships, Planes, Tanks, Equipment, etc. robust BIM model: Modeling Team NAVFAC (SE, SW, MIDLANT) A 3D parametric, object-oriented 3D solid model that contains attribute information. Valuable when used to design/build a complex asset Used to capture all geometric and attribute information needed for an asset throughout its life cycle May not be very useful format to use when accessing information Applies to Buildings, Ships, Planes, Tanks, Equipment, etc. 16

NFESC East Coast Detachment OE Lite BIM (Telestrator) Interoperability New Construction Buildings (Revit) Ships (NX) Aircraft (NX) Existing Assets Buildings (pop-up X3D) Aircraft (Catia-NX) Others (AutoCAD, Solid Works, Solidedge, Inventor, Civil3D, etc.) Others Virtual Environment (X3D Query, Internet-based) Virtual Collaborative Environment (Telestrator) 17 Ships (Catia) BIM projects in NAVFAC Function: Construction Geom: Full 3D (Revit?) Attributes: Full

Level of Detail: 5 Function: Early Design Geom: 3D Lite (X3D) Attributes: Min SPIDERS Level of Detail: 1 Origin: (Ship STEP, Pier / TELESTRATOR Revit, Truck-Inventor) Mayport Fuel Pier Function: O&M Geom: 3D Lite (X3D)/Pano Attributes: full- UFII, iNFADS, etc. Level of Detail: 1-2 18 Function: Geospatial Geom: 3D Lite (X3D) Attributes: Full Level of Detail: 1 Function: Analysis Geom: (Solidworks ANSYS ) Attributes: Varies Engr. Level of Detail: 1-5

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