Virtual Product Development in the SME Market Enterprise

Virtual Product Development in the SME Market Enterprise

Virtual Product Development in the SME Market Enterprise Ireland 26-Apr-2006 Agenda Introduction to MSC.Software Virtual Product Development (VPD) MSC Product Lines Case Studies Conclusions Agenda Introduction to MSC.Software Virtual Product Development (VPD) MSC Product Lines Case Studies Conclusions MSC Overview Leading Global provider of

VPD software and services Largest VPD Company Worldwide Trusted Advisor to Largest Manufacturing Companies in The World 42 year history in engineering process improvement Broadest set of VPD tools to help you virtually test your products Industry Experience Aerospace Truck & Automotive

Agriculture, Construction Rail Aviation Motorcycles Defense Shipbuilding Medical Device Biomedical Consumer Products Machinery, Manufacturing

Industry Sectors Aerospace Automotive Heavy Industry De facto standard in Automotive and Aerospace Deeply embedded in the engineering processes of every major global OEM and supplier Multi-Industry Presence RESELLERS 11%

Med,Consum,etc 2% 24% 29% 15% AERO Com'l 12% EDU 4% AERO Def 12% SERV 8% ELECT

7% MFG 15% AUTO 29% Aerospace Customers Automotive Customers General Industry Customers Agenda Introduction to MSC.Software Virtual Product Development (VPD) MSC Product Lines Case Studies Conclusions

Business Challenges Intense global competition Demanding customers Fragmented markets Increasing product complexity Compressed product cycles Price and profit pressures Strict regulatory and liability environments Systems integration and supply chain issues Skyrocketing costs of testing & physical prototyping Virtual Product Development Faster Innovation Distributed Teams Form

Functio n Lower Risk Higher Profits Fit Virtual Product Development Vision VPD Product Development Process Concept & Specifications Virtual Product Model Virtual Build: model synchronized on a regular basis and assembled in a full virtual product model Virtual Test: virtual product is repeatedly tested over the complete range of inter-related performance specifications Virtual Review: virtual test results shared with

global design team for review and design trade-off decisions Components & Subsystems Virtual Product Development Process Build - Test - Review Cycle Virtual Build: Model synchronized on a regular basis to a central Simulation Data Management portal Incorporates components and subsystems from design team (including supply chain) Close integration with established CAD tools and processes Done early in the design process; done often. Results in a detailed virtual product model that is used to perform virtual testing Virtual Product Development Process Build - Test - Review Cycle

Virtual Test: Duplicate your current physical testing protocol for model validation and test correlation Enables sophisticated testing methodologies (stochastics, robust design) based on ability to run multiple tests quickly and inexpensively Physical testing is more strategic, less late-stage troubleshooting Build insight to product performance, test more design variations and innovations and make better design and engineering decisions Standard Product Tests and Physical Test Correlation Virtual Product Development Process Build - Test - Review Cycle Virtual Review:

Review results and key issues from virtual tests Component and subsystem teams can assess how their design affects overall performance Evaluate many design alternatives and usage scenarios in rapid cycles Use stochastic and design of experiments methodologies based on batches of tens or hundreds of simulations Make better design trade-offs and more timely decisions System-Level Design Review Agenda Introduction to MSC.Software Virtual Product Development (VPD) MSC Product Lines Case Studies Conclusions MSC Product Lines concept maintain

design test Design level Simulation make Detailed Simulation Solvers Process Management Enterprise PDM System MSC Product Lines SimDesigner

CAD embedded VPD environment for designers SimOffice Unified framework for integrated VPD modelling and simulation SimManager Environment for automating and managing collaborative VPD SimDesigner for Catia V5 The power of MSC Development Partnership solver technology

Nastran Adams Marc The power of CATIA Native Geometry Integration Data Management Process control PDM correlation Only All-In-One Simulation for V5 CAD Embedded SimDesigner Characteristics CAD Embedded Simulation Performance Fast, responsive and robust simulation within the CAD environment,

improving collaboration between engineers and designers Ease of Use Consistent user interaction model in CAD GUI Integrated model database, fully generative, improves productivity by reducing need for model preparation Based on Proven Technology Create from components used in MSCs products today, giving designers access to world-class simulation tools Integrated in Overall VPD strategy Make better design decisions and avoid rework with up-front simulation Core Products SimOffice Core Products ADAMS SOFY

Model preparation and results visualisation Multi-body dynamics, kinematics Patran EASY5 Control systems Dytran Nastran

Crash, impact, drop test Linear statics and Dynamics Marc Nonlinear SimOffice Characteristics Performance Integration & Interoperability Fast, responsive and robust Capacity Able to handle extreme model sizes

Scalable From conceptual to detailed simulations, within an integrated environment Across multiple disciplines and VPD attributes Ease of Use State-of-the-art user interface Consistent user interaction model across all products Customization and Extensibility Customization, extension and process capture built in to the architecture Based on Proven Technology Create from components used in MSCs products today MSC.SimManager The data generated by (CAE) simulation itself is useful, but the real value is the ability to move that information around and have it where and when you need it. Charles Foundyller

CEO, Daratech MSC.SimManager Characteristics Simulation Process and Data Management Increase VPD Process Effectiveness Synchronize simulation and design, consolidate and track models and results Increase VPD Process Efficiency Automation, knowledge capture and reuse, transparent data access, global communication, facilitate trade-off studies and decision making Model and Knowledge Reuse Consistent access and management of data, models, testing and results, data mining Ease of Implementation and Compatibility Leverage existing investments in software and PLM infrastructure Based on Proven Technology

Operates with industry standard infrastructure components World Class Simulation Technologies The most complete and powerful range of simulation tools available: Analyze and understand all aspects of product performance characteristics Address the complete Product Lifecycle and Product Development process: MSC.MasterKey Licensing System concept design test manufacture Services Capabilities Knowledge Capture and Process Automation Digital Mockup and Functional Virtual Prototyping (Enterprise Focus) Product and Simulation Data Management

(PDM/SimManager) Funded Software Development Industry Specific Services Aerospace, Automotive, Shipbuilding, Biomed, Consumer Goods, etc. Engineering Analysis and Simulation Services Software Support and Technical Training On-Site Consulting On-Line Services Agenda Introduction to MSC.Software Virtual Product Development (VPD) MSC Product Lines Case Studies Conclusions

Case Study: Caterpillar Business: Hydraulic Systems for Mobile Equipment Challenge: Meet increase in design requests while lowering costs and improving quality Solution: Partnered with MSC Services to assess, design and implement a reformulation of the design process as part of their Six-Sigma program

Value: Achieved significant improvement in overall cylinder design time Customer Request Design specs Delivery specs Volume Cost targets Common Platform EDRF Standard? Speed & Accuracy

Marketing Accept Quote? Manufacture & Assemble Web request CTQ Layout Design Tols. Perf. specs. Refined CTQ

Analysis COSTS WECAP Robust Design Auto FEA Our new custom software environment has streamlined the cylinder design request process, reduced cylinder design time allowing us to process more requests, and automated our FEA process. Jason McIntyre, Black Belt, Caterpillar H&HS Forecast Quote Optimal?

Business Process Costing Variable cost Refined Discount ITEM REUSEModify Price? Analysis Customer Delivery Case Study: Komatsu Business:

Industrial machinery manufacturer Challenge: Predict off-road vehicle body structure behavior on a test track Solution: ADAMS vehicle model including NASTRAN flexible frame Value: Predicted dynamic stress of vehicle on test track. Rapidly evaluated effect of design changes Case Study: GE Transportation

Business: North American locomotive manufacturer Challenge: Investigate the effect of wheel back-to-back distance on locomotive stability and safety Solution: Parametric model built in ADAMS/Rail and run through standard suite of maneuvers Value: Met customer critical-to-quality requirements on locomotive design We have done a lot of wonderful work using ADAMS. Jingjun Zhang Control and Auxiliary Systems Case Study: Leyland Business: Truck manufacturer Challenge: Assess ride behavior of trucks

earlier in design cycle Solution: VPD solutions from MSC.Software Value: Adjust truck-specific factors like cab suspension, chassis flexibility and payload to optimize ride Case Study: Orion Bus Business: Bus Manufacturer Challenge: Develop a Bus in 18 months Solution:

Partner with MSC.Software for multi-disciplinary software and services Value: Reduced testing and time to validate vehicle for durability, safety, comfort, vehicle dynamics, and service life Case Study: Honda Motorcycle 10 Motorcycle OEM Challenge: Optimize the straight

running stability and turning performance of a motorcycle Solution: Apply virtual tire model using MSC.ADAMS Value: Good correlation with physical test and the ability to easily optimize tire properties Yaw rate(deg/s) Business:

0 1.5 - 10 2.0 2.5 A1 caster angle A2 caster angle 23.7 25.7 A3 caster angle 21.7 Time(sec) Stability improvement

Case Study: Sanyo Business: General machinery manufacturer Challenge: Reduce vibration of washing machine Solution: More and more What-If studies with ADAMS virtual prototype are the key for our design optimization. --Mr. Takao Kinouchi, Chief Researcher, SANYO Electric Co. Ltd After 4,374 cases Reduce

35% Reduce 70% 60 cases few Original With Simulation No. design parameters Achieved 70% reduction of machine vibration Before Displacement of Body Cabinet Value:

Built virtual washing machine with ADAMS; used Taguchi Method to optimize performance With simulation + Taguchi Method Case Study: Grundig Business: Consumer Electronics Television division Challenge: Reduce shipping damages through better packaging

Solution: FEM based deformation analysis Value: Reduce shipping damages with robust packaging Reduction of shipping cost with reduction of dimensional weight Deliver products to market earlier Case Study: Prothotics Corporation Business: Orthotic Inserts

Challenge: Too many variables to consider. Orthotics unaided by the computer are entirely subjective Solution: Used simulation to study kinematic and kinetic effects of an orthotic device Value: Visualized the effects of various orthotic insert designs to find the best for each patient This approach has the ability to revolutionalize the way we treat lower-limb pain, disability, and rehabilitation.

Weve already used the software to help hundreds of patients, and have plans to expand operations to clinics in other cities. -- Brent Konantz President, Prothotics Biomechanics Research Group Inc. Case Study: Guidant Business: Vascular Devices Challenge: Confidence that soft tissue will respond safely to a device Solution:

Using simulation to understand and visualize stent / soft tissue interaction and performance Value: Increased efficiency in stent design; accelerated innovation We need to model the soft tissue to increase our understanding of how the tissue responds and interacts with a device. Finite element analysis (FEA) software provides the evaluation tool to do this. -- Chris Feezor, Guidant Case Study: Xtent Business:

Coronary Stents Challenge: Accurately simulate the behavior and performance of the stent structure Solution: MSC.Software Services ran in-depth computer simulations of stent Value: Simulation study reveals potential problems with deflected geometry or stress levels We are very pleased with all the work that MSC.Software has performed to date. We shall definitely be back for follow-up simulation needs. Thanks for a job well done! -- Stephen Kao Sr. R&D Engineer, Xtent

Agenda Introduction to MSC.Software Virtual Product Development (VPD) MSC Product Lines Case Studies Conclusions Conclusions Manufacturers face daunting challenges today in many aspects of new product development Virtual Product Development approach will significantly improve new product development processes, reduce risk, reduce costs, increased profitability and customer loyalty MSC.Software is the industry leader and partner of choice for over 10,000 successful manufacturing companies Proven and wide product portfolio that supports all industries

and manufacturers Contact Details Ian Tasker Account Manager [email protected] +44 151 350 1307 Peter Roberts Manufacturing Sales [email protected] +44 151 350 1303

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