E-learning Why bother? A view from RSC Wales

E-learning  Why bother? A view from RSC Wales

E-learning Why bother? A view from RSC Wales Donkeys with computers in Greece by davesag available on Flickr under Creative Commons e-Learning is learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology e-Learning is fundamentally about learning and not about technology A powerful addition to a persons stock of

mental tools. Nothing is given up in return. (Seymour Papert, Mindstorms, 2 ed. 1993) nd RSC Wales HE activities Work with key staff on e-learning development FE, smaller HE, HE-in-FE, ACL, WBL Advice on e-learning, e-resources, technical issues Advise on, and broker, staff development Events open to all

Online forums open to all http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/ITT-WALES-POST16.html http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/elearning-wales Website www.rsc-wales.ac.uk (blogs are coming) Signpost resources: eg. memory stick Work in partnership with JISC, the Academy and other organisations to share good practice LLUK minimum core requirements for ICT (June 2007)

Minimum core document A recent (2006) Inspection Report for a Welsh FE College commented . Learners and teachers make very good and innovative use of virtual learning environment

materials HEFCW Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology (2008) Our vision is that enhancing learning and teaching through the use of technology should be considered a normal part of mainstream provision, processes and practices. Increasing numbers

Recruitment and retention of Generation Y Flexibilit y of time and place Common drivers

Skills and employability Quality Institutional strategy Recording achievement and reflection

Continuity if staff change In their own words: learner voices Findings: students use technologies to personalise and manage their learning

Often do not register the e in e-learning Still need their tutors Exploring tangible benefits of E-learning 37 case studies Explores diversity of elearning in HE Identifies where benefits are being found

http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/publications/info/tangible-benefits-publication Research communities Flexibility of time and place Cost savings Achievement

Tangible benefits Recruitment and retention of Generation Y Staff development

Quality Skills and employability Inclusion Making Higher Education visible Improved pedagogy VLEs Virtual

Learning Environments Online store and much more Increasing emphasis on communication tools and integration with other systems

Mind maps Students can take more control of their own learning http://www.nln.ac.uk/ First World War Poetry Archive with good quality learning resources

Interactivity engagement Above image: Copyright HEFCE 2005 Web 2.0 youTube (www.youtube.com ) Flickr

Del.icio.us Instant messaging MySpace Blogs (www.blogger.com) Facebook Wikis http://edu.blogs.com mobile technology helps

learning in many scenarios Above image Copyright HEFCE 2005 Accessibility and inclusion www.techdis.ac.uk e-Portfolios

A way of gathering a range of different types learning evidence including text, spreadsheet, video, audio, blog http://www.pebblelearning.co.uk/ www.elgg.net http://www.careerswales.com/progressfile/tour/pfot our.asp

Assessment and managing plagiarism http://www.jisc.ac.uk/aboutus/partnerships/he_academy/assessment.aspx Samba in style by Carf, available on Flickr under Creative Commons Building a Community of Practice example:

Swansea Universitys Learning Lab http://learninglab.swan.ac.uk/ Wiki-based web space Personal support Bite-sized staff development tailored to needs Social dimension

Some more JISC-funded advisory services and resources: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/services/

Techdis (Accessibility) TASI : Images (& Moving Images and Sound) JISC Legal JISC IPAS - Internet Plagiarism Advisory Service JISC Collections subscription and free resources Intute and Virtual Training Suite JISC projects produce useful publications (including video case studies) at www.jisc.ac.uk/publications Effective Practice with eLearning

Emphasis on Design for Learning Designing in the technology where appropriate True computer literacy is not just knowing how to make use of computers it is knowing when it is appropriate to do so. Seymour Papert Voting Systems (aka personal response

system or clickers) Active, enjoyable learning that raises motivation Video clip: http://www.elearning.ac.uk/ innoprac/practitioner/ strathclyde.html http://phoebe-app.conted.ox.ac.uk/

What technology can I use toarticulate and communicate knowledge / understanding? Download full Phoebe report at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/publications/publications/phoebefinalreport.aspx Next steps? No need to go it alone Keep talking to your Subject Centre

Contact your local RSC http://www.jisc.ac.uk/rsc Talk to the e-learning person in your institution Enlist help from your staff development unit Make friends with your librarians Look out for project opportunities Collaborate

Some forthcoming events Workshops 10-11 June Change management Managing Multiple Projects Promoting Innovation through Virtual Learning - Merthyr Tydfil College conference 1 July Wales Moodle Moot 2 July

Swansea University and other Swansea staff - E-Learning and Beer social - 12 June The Wig More details available from RSC Wales

Lis Parcell [email protected] 01792 513261 Christine Davies [email protected] 01792 602511 www.rsc-wales.ac.uk (videos, and pictures of people and places, in this presentation were obtained from JISC Case Studies, 2004/5 HEFCE)

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