September 23, 2009 Thomas P. Cargiulo, PharmD, BCCP

September 23, 2009 Thomas P. Cargiulo, PharmD, BCCP

September 23, 2009 Thomas P. Cargiulo, PharmD, BCCP Director Levels of Care Ambulatory Treatment Level 0.5 Early Intervention Level I Outpatient Level II.1 Intensive Outpatient Residential Treatment Level III.1 Halfway House Level III.3 Long Term Residential Level III.5 Long Term Residential Therapeutic Community Level III.7 Medically Monitored Short Term Residential ADAA: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration DPSCS: Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services DHMH: Department of Health and Mental Hygiene GOCCP: Governors Office of Crime Control and Prevention DHR: Department of Human Resources

MDOT: Maryland Department of Transportation DJS: Department of Juvenile Services MSDE: Maryland State Department of Education * Taken from presentation by Dr. Simon Powell, Principal Analyst, Maryland General Assembly 3 FY 2009 ADAA Allocation Allegany $5,857,167 Kent $2,169,017 Anne Arundel $5,562,121 Montgomery $5,341,218 Baltimore $8,240,706

Prince George's Calvert $1,106,210 Queen Anne's Caroline $12,442,615 $918,315 $734,080 Somerset $1,215,398 Carroll $4,888,858 St. Mary's $3,504,493 Cecil

$1,581,946 Talbot $1,044,806 Charles $2,529,051 Washington $4,047,965 Dorchester $2,197,824 Wicomico $2,613,025 Frederick $2,973,506 Worcester $3,394,924

Garrett $1,068,198 Baltimore City $51,775,915 Harford $2,466,258 $553,460 Howard $1,956,361 ATOD Centers Statewide Contracts $12,233,518 Treatment Effectiveness Alcohol and Drug dependent people who participate in drug treatment

Decrease substance use Decrease criminal activity Increase employment Improve their social and intrapersonal functioning Improve their physical health Drug use and criminal activity for virtually all who enter treatment results the longer they stay in treatment. ADAA-Funded Adult Level I Outpatient Treatment Outcomes Outcome Measure FY 2004 - FY 2009 State Fiscal Year Percentages 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

% Change FY 04 - 09 2009 Completed Treatment 51.2 52.7 54.0 54.8 51.3 56.8 10.9 Length of Stay at Least 90 Days 56.4 59.1 59.4

58.9 56.5 61.2 8.5 Reduction in Substance Users 8.1 15.1 22.5 31.9 45.7 53.0 554.3 12.0 11.8

11.4 13.7 15.9 17.4 45.0 Increase in Employment GOAL Expand Buprenorphin e Treatment Access STRATEGIES MEASURES Support online and face to face buprenorphine trainings for every interested physician in the

State Increase # of physicians trained Enhance buprenorphine services in every jurisdiction in the State # of jurisdictions provided technical assistance/ training OUTCOMES Increase number of patients served to 2000 11 GOAL

Redirect payment for outpatient care from State-funded grants to Medicaid payments STRATEGIES MEASURES Improve addiction treatment providers capacity to bill Medicaid for outpatient treatment services # of addiction treatment providers capable of providing reimbursable services Transfer funds from

jurisdictional grants to Medicaid to fund substance abuse treatment benefit through MA and Primary Adult Care programs OUTCOMES Increase number of individuals receiving treatment services by 5000 by 2012 # of enrollees served in MA per fiscal year 12 GOAL Develop Recovery Oriented

System of Care Model in Maryland STRATEGIES Create ROSC Workgroup to coordinate implementation Pilot recovery support model in one jurisdiction MEASURES Number of jurisdictions with recovery support services OUTCOMES 2000 Patients In Continuing Care

Expand to all jurisdictions as funding allows 13 GOAL Re-Engineer Existing System of Care STRATEGIES Change requirements to increase slot capacity for Level I adult treatment Decrease length of stay in high cost residential services; add low level residential and outpatient services MEASURES Increase number of

patients admitted to treatment in FY 10 to 1100 above baseline OUTCOMES Increase 4400 patients above baseline in FY 2011 ADAA Stat 14 ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE ADMINISTRATION (ADAA) 55 Wade Avenue Catonsville, MD 21228 410-402-8600

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