The Dismal Continuity of Unilateralism Loring Wirbel Citizens

The Dismal Continuity of Unilateralism Loring Wirbel Citizens

The Dismal Continuity of Unilateralism Loring Wirbel Citizens for Peace in Space Say What!?!? Richard Perle is gone from DoD and from PFIAB Paul Wolfowitz is under a cloud, and Don Rumsfelds getting grumpier Will Dick Cheney even stay on the

ticket in November? However. Space-Based Dominance is a Bipartisan Hobby DoD, MDA, intelligence budgets Treaty compliance Space force application Iraq Occupation

Democrats more hawkish than Republicans on increasing troop commitment Permanent bases in-country have wide support Sole-source contracts may be investigated slightly, but dont count on it Defense Department Strategy

Rumsfelds lean, mean Revolution in Military Affairs finds wide support among Democrats, particularly humanitarian interventionists Virtual bases (FOL, FOB) are cheaper, more high-tech than permanent megabases Outsourcing to private military sources was a trend started by Al Gore Defense Department Budget

Beginning in FY05, budget is $500 billion counting Iraq and Afghanistan appopriations, and unlikely to go down no matter whos in White House! Multi-year procurement items (Navy DDX, Army Stryker, AF Joint Strike Fighter and TSAT, NRO Intruder and FIA) represent vested communities and pork barrel bucks With Dem calls for an intelligence czar, aggregate intel budget unlikely to go under $35 billion a year Missile Defense Agency Budget

Ft. Greely, Vandenberg missiles will be fait accompli in summer 2004 what Democrat will stand-down terminal-phase MDA missiles? Airborne Laser supported by the DomeniciBingaman coalition X-band radar touted as defensive TMD might be criticized until Japan, Taiwan, South Korea start clamoring $10 billion a year is protected. Space Preservation Treaty is toast. Transformation Flight Plan

Joint Forces Parallel Warfighting? No problem there! TENCAP to Battle? No problem there! Global Laser Engagement mirror network? No problem there! Counter Surveillance Reconnaissance System? No problem there! Hypervelocity Space Rod Bundles?

Maybe 5 Dem senators will get nervous. Operationally Responsive Spacelift FALCON attack space plane Wont be criticized in Congress unless and until unilateralist use of force is discussed openly. Reserve force of Minuteman-III for instantaneous precision conventional or

nuclear-weapon launch may violate treaties, but isnt being criticized by many. New Minuteman-IV with mobile basing strategy like original MX may violate treaties, but isnt being criticized by many. and about those treaties Getting John Bolton out of the State Department will end the Mafia enforcer tenor of treaty renunciation and violation. But Kyoto, ABM, ICC were destroyed by Bill

Clinton, not by George Bush! Do not expect much care and caution toward START, NPT, etc. from any administration or Congress to emerge in November 2004. and the people will follow Unilateralism will stop being bipartisan when the average person on the street

cares. Break the sports-culture mentality of winner-take-all, for me to win you must lose Break magical thinking rejecting empirical data to protect deeply-held beliefs is the tactic of a 4-year-old. We cant scare people with Vision for 2020 until we challenge their skewed and undemocratic value systems!

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