Puyallup Strategic Plan to Resolve Homelessness 220 2.2

Puyallup Strategic Plan to Resolve Homelessness 220 2.2

Puyallup Strategic Plan to Resolve Homelessness 220 2.2 484 419 165

Nationally, 40% of homeless children are under the age of 5 .21% .58% .582% .59% 20%

80% 484 190 294 484 160 324

.368% .251% .146% .090% $435 $427 $147 $545

Create Citizen Advisory Board to review community funding applications and make recommendations to Council. Fund a part-time contracted Grant Writer In addition to funds currently assigned for human social service programs, the City of Puyallup sets a goal to assign 1% of general fund for assistance to reducing homelessness within 4 years, and annually thereafter. Implement affordable housing incentives into the Land Use Code within 4 year

time frame. Partner with Puyallup School District and other local schools to enhance programs serving families with children. GENERAL FUND EXPENDITURES 2011 Budget 1% of General Fund = $360,000 Salaries, Wages, Benefits Supplies

$ 22,183,101 1,542,826 Other Services / Charges Intergovt Services Capital 5,540,802 134,419 140,959 Undistributed Savings / One time adjustments

(404,018) Transfers Debt / Other 5,058,970 Street Maintenance City Hall Equipment Replaced Activity Ctr Equipment Replaced Library Replacement Equipment Rental Replacements IT &C Equipment Replacements

1,000,000 50,000 23,300 40,000 567,319 334,847 Service Providers Churches Jaime Anderson-Development Director, Helping Hand House

Carlista Barttels Freezing Nights Volunteer Bill Bowers Executive Director, One Another Foundation Greta Brackman-Freezing Nights Program Coordinator Bev Casio-Coordinator Open Hearth Ministry Mary DeForrest-Acting Coordinator Open Hearth Ministry David Curry-Executive Director Rescue Mission Carol Doolittle-Greater Lakes Mental Health PATH Team Bonnie Goddard-Freezing Nights Volunteer Charlene Hamblen-Executive Director, Share and Care House Denny Hunthausen, Agency Director, Catholic Community Services Marie Layton-Former Director of Social Services Puyallup Salvation Army Sherry Phinisey-Executive Director, Love INC Sister Pat Michalek-St. Francis House

Chris Morton-Executive Director, Associated Ministries Joe ONeil-Executive Director, Exodus Housing Tulin Ozdeger- National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty Eileen Paterno-Director, All Saints Community Services Kim Randall-Freezing Nights Coordinator Jerri Rennaker-Greater Lakes Mental Health PATH Team Nola Renz-Executive Director Helping Hand House Patricia Saunders- Greater Lakes Mental Health PATH Team Phyllis Smith- Freezing Nights Coordinator Eric Tars- National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty Casey Trupin-Attorney Columbia Legal Services Martin Warr-Freezing Nights Coordinator Janet Warr-Freezing Nights Volunteer

Puyallup Homeless Coalition Rev. Ann Berney-United Methodist Church Dr. Mark von Ehrenkrook- Baptist General Conference Rev. Chris & Lisa Hansler Celebration Center Rev. Art Hunt- Lighthouse Christian Center Rev. Ron Kempe- Evengelical Lutheran Church in America Sean Langdon- Puyallup Community of Christ Rev. Janet Leonard -United Methodist Church,Open Hearth Ministry Rev. Dr. James Lewis-Retired, United Methodist Church, Puyallup

Rev. Gary Mathison-United Presbyterian Church USA Father Woody McCalister- Roman Catholic Church Rev. Ron Peretti-Hope Center Church Rev. David Rhodes- Nazarene Church Rev. Bill Robey-Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Amy Schweim-Missouri Synod Lutheran Rev. Larry M. Warren-United Methodist Church Rev. Susan L. Watkins-United Presbyterian Church USA Businesses Craig Beetham-Attorney Eisenhauer Law Firm, Tacoma Rick Brunaugh-Pacific Resource Development Inc.

Janice Carter Charlies Restaurant Bobbie Petrone Chipman-Co-managing Broker, Coldwell Banker, Puyallup Jerry Gintz-Gintz Accounting & Tax Inc. Tom Jacobs-Attorney, Jacobs and Jacobs Mary Johnson- Johnson Jewelers, Puyallup Vanjie LaGesse- Puyallup Custom Frame and Art Bill McMeekin-VP Student Svcs. Pierce College Dr. Ovideo Penalver-Pediatrician Teresa Suprek-Charlies Restaurant Concerned Citizens Peter Andrews

Vicky Beetham Debra Brackman Ron and Becky McCorkle Paul Casio Shirley Cox Bob Kastama Diane Kastama James Kenney Rick Scott Steve Vermillion

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