Vocabulary Lesson 1 The prefix im- A prefix

Vocabulary Lesson 1 The prefix im-  A prefix

Vocabulary Lesson 1 The prefix im- A prefix is a syllable placed before a root or base word to change or add its meaning. Some prefixes have more than one meaning. For example, the prefix imcan mean not, or it can mean in, within, or into. The vocabulary

words in this lesson have the prefix im& are related to the theme of justice. 1. Impartial: (adj.)not partial Definition: not biased; showing lack of favoritism; treating or affecting all equally Synonym: unbiased, unprejudiced, equitable, neutral, just, fair e.g. Jason is an Impartial judge

2. Imprint: (n), (v) Definition: a mark or figure impressed or printed on something. Synonym: impress, mark, imbed e.g. "We imprint our own ideas onto acts" (Ellen Goodman) He tried to imprint the number on his memory.

3. Imperceptible(adj.): Definition: not able to be perceived by the senses; subtle (slight or elusive); Impossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses; not easily apprehended Synonym: undetectable, invisible, unperceivable, hidden e.g. This week had an imperceptible drop in temperature.

4. Immaterial(adj) Definition: not important; not relevant to the matter at hand Synonym: unimportant, irrelevant, unsubstantial, inconsequential, insignificant, inconsiderable e.g. "whether you choose to do it or not is

a matter that is quite immaterial (or indifferent)" 5. Imperturbable:(adj.) Definition: marked by extreme calm, steadiness, & serenity; cool; incapable of being upset or agitated; not easily excited Synonym: calm, stable, unshakable e.g. Though imperturbable, he now

showed signs of alarm. 6. Imprison: (v) Definition: to put in; or as if in prison Synonym: confine, enclose, incarcerate, jail, restrain e.g. "The suspects were imprisoned without trial "The murderer was imprisoned for the

rest of his life" 7. Impenitent: Definition: showing no remorse or regret Synonym: shameless, ungrateful, sorrowless, unrepentant, hardened e.g. The murderer had such a careless and impenitent heart.

8. Impersonate(v) Definition: to assume or act the character of someone else, pretend to be; to mimic the voice, mannerisms, etc., of (a person) in order to entertain. Synonym: imitate, characterize, represent, e.g. He was arrested for impersonating a police officer.

9. Implausible (adj) Definition: not believable; provoking disbelief Synonym: unbelievable, improbable, inconceivable (impossible to comprehend or belief e.g. no one believed his implausible excuse.

10. Impervious(adj.) Definition: not able to be affected or disturbed Synonym: unchanging, not permitting penetration or passage; impenetrable, resistant e.g. The coat is impervious to rain. Write the meaning of the base word in

each word below. Then, write the meaning of the word. Write a sentence for each word. Circle the word in each set of parentheses that best completes the sentence. 1. It is against the law to (imprison, impersonate, imprint) a police officer. 2. The judges (immaterial, impenitent, imperturbable)

personality prevented him from becoming easily upset during the trial. 3. The slight twitching of the defendants face was (imperceptible, impartial, impervious) to the jurors. 4. The lawyer tried to make the defendant contradict himself, but the man was (immaterial, impenitent, impervious) to her tactics. 5. The defendant smiled as she admitted her guilt, showing that she was (imperceptible, implausible, impenitent).

Activity 2 Imagine that you are a newspaper reporter covering the trial of the centurya court case that has everyone in the country glued to the radio and television. On a separate sheet of paper write several newspaper headlines using five of the vocabulary words to describe

what is happening in this imaginary trial.

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