Six Kingdoms - Weebly

Six Kingdoms - Weebly

6 Kingdoms: Characteristic s

The Science of Classification: The scientific study of how things are

classified is called taxonomy . Biologists use classification to organize living things into groups so that the organisms are

easier to study. study Major Levels of

Classification: Most biologists today classify organisms into 8 levels.

First, an organism is placed in a broad group, which is then divided into more

specific groups. The more classification levels two organisms share, the more characteristics they

have in common. common Domain

Organisms are placed into domains & kingdoms based on: their cell type

their ability to make food the number of cells in their body. Domains

There are THREE domains. The domains include: 1.

Bacteria 2.

Archaea 3.

Eukarya Within the (3) domains, there are SIX kingdoms.

1. 2. 3.

3. 1. Eubacteria

(kingdom) 2. Archaebacteria (kingdom)

4. 5.

6. What did you

There are TWO bacteria domains. notice?? Each bacteria domain has ONLY ONE

kingdom. There are FOUR kingdoms that make up Domain Eukarya. Eukarya. Is similar to Eukaryote or

Eukaryotic, which means that the cells DO contain a nucleus. Kingdom

Archaebacteria: DomainArchaea Unicellular- Bodies are one cell big. Prokaryotes - No nucleus

Both Autotrophs & Heterotrophs Autotrophs- Makes own food Heterotrophs- Does not make own food Live in very harsh environments-the harshest in

the world!(swamps, hot springs, ocean-very salty water-cow intestines, etc.) Archaebacteria

Archaea comes Continued from the Greek word for ancient Scientists think that the harsh conditions in which

archaea live are similar to those of ancient earth. So, why are there 2 domains & kingdoms of bacteria?

Archaea are classified into a different domain because their structure and chemical make up is much different from that of bacteria.

Kingdom Eubacteria: Domain=Bacteria Unicellular

Prokaryotes - No nucleus BOTH Autotrophs & Heterotrophs Known as True Bacteria

It is everywhere, inside & outside of your body. Some is good for you, while others are harmful. Basic three types: 1. Round

2. Spiral 3. rod-shaped Round

Spiral Rod

Kingdom Protista: Domain= Eukarya

Mostly Unicellular Eukaryotes- Cells a have nucleus and organelles Both Autotrophs & Heterotrophs

Kingdom Fungi: Domain=Eukarya Mostly multi-cellular

EukaryotesEukaryotes have a nucleus Heterotrophs Mold

Kingdom Plantae: Domain=Eukarya Multicellular

Eukaryotes- Have a nucleus Autotrophs (most go through photosynthesis)

Kingdom Animalia: Domain=Eukarya Multi-cellular

EukaryotesEukaryotes Have a nucleus Heterotrophs

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