Simple Machines -

Simple Machines -

Simple Machines Starter Give five examples of work from your everyday life. Remember work is a force moving an object a distance. Review: Who doing Work Explain who is doing more work and why: a bricklayer carrying bricks

and placing them on the wall of a building being constructed, or a project supervisor observing and recording the progress of the workers from an observation booth. Review Direction: Match the following statement with work or power. 1.=Force x distance

2.=Work divided by time 3.Newton.meter 4.Carrying a Box 5.Lifting a Box Categorize Direction: Copy the following table. Voc word Definition Facts

Types Examples Directions: Classify the terms and statements under the correct heading in your table. Simple Machine less effort screw Wheel and Axle

screwdriver Makes work easy less time knife Wedge Corkscrew scissors Device that performs a task stairs Lever

block and tackle Change the size of force arm Pulley Incline Plane wheelchair ramp Direction: Draw the following table. Write the six types of simple machines under the heading TYPE. Use the next slide to label the

pictures according to the type. Type Picture b. Wheel barrow a. Zipper d. Hammer

c. Screw d. Flag and Flag Pole e. ramp Complex Machine How does this picture show complex

machines? What are the simple machines that make up this complex machine? Mechanical Advantage Write the definition for Mechanical Advantage

Create a T-chart for Mechanical Advantage for Force and mechanical advantage for distance using the notes provided on simple machines and mechanical advantage. T-chart should include: Formula for MA=Force and MA=Distance Definitions for output force, input force, distance effort, and distance resistance. Give one example of MA=force and MA=distance

Simple Machines and Mechanical Advantage Direction: Label as Input force or Output Force. 1.You lift a 200N object. 2.A wedge applies 400N of force to a piece of wood. 3.You push 240N on a lever. 4.You turn a screw with 30N of force. 5.A pulley applies 48N of force up.

Simple Machines and Mechanical Advantage Direction: Label as distance effort or distance resistance. 1.You use an incline plane to lift a car up 4 meters. 2.You use a 10 meter ramp to raise up a car. 3.You lift a 200kg object up 2meters.

4.The distance you push down on a lever. 5.The distance the object moves with a lever. Exit Slip List five examples from your everyday life you would classify as one of the different simple machines

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