Simon Kenton Scheduling 2018-2019

Simon Kenton Scheduling 2018-2019

Simon Kenton Scheduling 2018-2019 For assistance see a guidance Counselor Scheduling Basics: Things to know for the 2018-2019 school year: Our Focus is to ensure all students are college and/0r Career Ready All Students will now select an area of concentration **(new!)** The areas of concentration are located on pages 10-21 of the course guide

Course descriptions are located on pages 22-45 of the course Guide The Course Guide is available on the Simon Kenton webpage Logistics & Timeline for Scheduling Students will Now meet with a Guidance Counselor or Administrator to Complete Academic planning and submit their schedule requests **(New!)** One-on-one scheduling meetings will take several weeks to complete Meetings will Take place through the month of march 9th grade will meet through their Integrated Social Studies Courses

10th Grade will meet through Their World Civilization Courses 11th grade will meet through their Chemistry Courses Kentucky Graduation Requirements 4 English credits 4 years of math, with the required credits of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 3 science credits 3 social studies credits credit of health, credit of Pe

credit of arts & humanities elective credit of the class called humanities (unless exempt through curriculum track/band/chorus/dual credit) The remainder of credits are comprised of choice electives 2 credits of a foreign Language are required for admission at most 4 year colleges. Simon Kenton Graduation Requirements Students must earn 23 credits to graduate

To be a sophomore, students must have a minimum of 5 credits To be a junior, students must have a minimum of 11 credits To be a senior, students must have a minimum of 17 credits Diploma Tracks There are now only two different diploma tracks: 1. Standard Diploma 2. Honors Diploma Guidelines for each diploma are outlined on pages 5-6 of the course

guide. With growing opportunity in the area of dual credit and individual learning, some changes have been made to the current and future honors diploma. Dual Credit Opportunities Students have the opportunity for Dual Enrollment courses at various institutions Students have to meet the collegiate Guidelines to be accepted into dual-enrollment opportunities

All colleges have different guidelines NKU, Morehead State, and EKU will provide courses on SKs Campus *Students are responsible for the Cost Associated with the program Students can participate in off Campus dual enrollment *Students are responsible for the cost associated with the program and provide their own means of transportation. Dual Credit Scholarships are available through Kheaa, and students will receive

information regarding the opportunity for scholarship money once they are enrolled in a dual credit class Kenton County Academies If you have been accepted into the Kenton county academies of innovation and technology, Ms. Knochelman or Ms. Back will meet with you individually to complete your academic plan. IF you have questions about the academies, contact Ms. Amanda Knochelman 859-341-2266;

[email protected] Requesting Courses Students will not have the option to select their math or English courses, students will be placed in math and English courses based on data points and teacher recommendation. Students have been preloaded for Science and social studies courses IF students are requesting Acc or AP, these courses will be added during the Academic Planning with a Counselor or Administrator.

Students will not have the option to select School to Work, peer tutoring, STW office, computer lab, or library science. These courses require an application and acceptance. In Summary Students will not be entering any requests through the portal. This is the biggest change with our scheduling process Administrators and Counselors will meet one-on-one with students

through their designated classes in the month of march Students need to have their schedule selection sheets readily available for their academic planning meeting Draft copies of schedules will be distributed the last week of may!

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