Shanghai - Jurassic Maths

Shanghai - Jurassic Maths

England- Shanghai Teacher Exchange Programme and the Impact so Far The England-China Maths Education Innovation Research Project 32 National Maths Hubs 75 teachers went to Shanghai in September 2014

Funded by the DfE and co-ordinated by the NCETM Status confirmed 13 Why Shanghai? Scored incredibly highly in PISA test in recent years. PISA tests 2 hour paper for 15 year olds look at maths, literacy, science and problems

Genuine interest in identifying solving. what are the differences between English and Chinese mathematics teaching, and considering how they could be translated and what the impact would be. Genuine interest in research-led and evidence-supported change. 4 Traditional and 8 Modern Secrets One child policy & almost always a nuclear family with both

sets of grandparents providing childcare. Expectation that everyone can achieve if they work hard and put the effort in. Many myths and legends reflect this. Teacher highly respected and regarded as a professional System of examination that has remained largely unaltered for many years Open door policy borrowing latest knowledge and sharing scholars Only 3 rounds of curriculum reform since 1986 Learn and apply modern teaching approaches Teachers professional development structure Low performance schools paired with high quality ones nearby

Sharing of money from rich areas with poor areas Pay attention to domestic-migrant students 30% of places at best secondary schools must be from lower CPD of Staff Teaching is an art full of regret Only teach 2-3 lessons a day (the same lesson) 35 minutes long based on textbook 40/50 children in a class Specialists for maths, PE and English (then a form tutor for the rest of the

subjects including Chinese) arts tended to be voluntary and after school 5 years probationary with a reduced timetable & mentor More experienced staff to support newer staff and colleagues. Lead demonstration lessons. Leading maths teachers take part in local and national competitions Requirement to complete a research paper regularly honour for publication TRG meet weekly both in school and

Characteristics of Mathematics Teaching in Shanghai 1. Teaching with variation 2. Emphasis on precise and elegant mathematical language 3. Emphasis on logical reasoning and mathematical thinking during teaching 4. Order and serious class discipline 5. Strong and coherent teacher-student rapport 6. Strong collaborative culture amongst mathematics teachers

1. So what did we see that we Planning and Delivery of Lessons can use? Video Clip a) Fast paced not a second wasted b) Whole class teaching

c) Providing the opportunity for pupils to discuss and think about mathematics d) Repetitive with excellent modelling of vocabulary e) Excellent questioning Amy says These all show the same f) Connections to real life fraction. Do you agree? Which are correct? g) Carefully crafted lesson design Why? Convince me! Convince me h)Teaching to the misconception why it is not right!

i) Step by step approach, leading pupils to a deeper understanding and avoiding gaps. j) All new knowledge lessons encompassed old knowledge particularly as a starting point. 2. Intervention and Feedback a) Interventions Sorting books Marking at break time Catching children during the day if the

timetable allows if not, then before the next session Change the timetable b) Instant feedback Self marking Mini plenary Whiteboards Visualisers 3. Range of representation Video, Resource Tray, CPA 4. No differentiation but deepening tasks to promote mastery

Charlie Stripp (director NCETM) was able to inform us that the DFE, NCETM and OFSTED have been communicating and have made sure that Ofsted Inspectors know that they should not be critical of lessons with no differentiation where schools have clearly identified that they are following the Mastery Curriculum. Differentiation should be by going deeper. Schools should inform Ofsted Inspectors that

5. Depth not acceleration a) Why? Why? Why? b) Using Mathematical Language c) Confidence d) Convince yourself convince a friend

convince a sceptic e) Active argument e.g. True or False? Which answer is correct? Fred thinks (discussion mats, abc corners,) Remember: What do you think? Why? (or convince me is apparently less threatening?) Why cant it be? 6. Fluency UK

a) Looking at patterns and relationships b) Practice makes perfect? Which supports the development of fluency better? Why? Shanghai [1] 1 10 100

[2] 378 = 1 251 10 100 =

7. Daily Homework 8. Variation, variation and more variation! 9. A Mastery Curriculum a) Thinking Masterfully and Using Deepening Tasks Odd one out Which one is the odd one out? Why? Why couldbe the odd one out? 6, 15, 28, 36, 66 10-3, 17-8, 15+6, 311-1

b) Missing Number Problems/ Creating Problems 2+* = 2 5 20 + 8 = 65 +

12 + 17 = 15 + 24 The perimeter is 30cm. What is the shape? = c) Probing Questions Always/sometimes/never When you multiply the answer is bigger than either number you start with Is this sometimes, always or never true?

If you add three consecutive numbers, the answer is a multiple of three. Show meand anotherand another that nobody else in the room will think of show me a hard one! e.g. Draw a triangle. Draw a different triangle. Draw a triangle that nobody else will think of! Teacher Research Groups

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