Selection of Sounds - Arkansas Tech University

Selection of Sounds - Arkansas Tech University

The History of the Steel Pan Amy Garner, Sarah Holland, Meggie Humphreys, Rochelle Gann The

steel pan was invented in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1930s The steel pan, or otherwise known as the steel drum, is the only instrument invented in the 20th century Traced

back to African slaves on the island in the 16th century Music was their only link to Africa The Africans stomped on bamboo, and they called themselves tamboo bamboo bands The upper class banned the instrument

Craftsman discovered that dustbins made of metal provided sound when hammered The first steel drum performers would carry a small drum in one hand and

beat the metal with the other hand After WWII, steel drums were made from discarded oil drums The craftsmen would pound the flat metal into convex and concave profiles

which created various pitches Selection of Sounds Four Cello Register: Tenor Musical Function: Low Harmony & Melody,

Reinforce Bass Six Bass Register: Bass Musical Function: Bass Lines, Bottom Chord Tones

D Lead Register: Soprano Musical Function: Melody museum/gallery1/steeldrum/ Register: Alto

Musical Function: Melody, Countermelody, Harmony Creation of the Steel Pan Phase 1- Supplies and Stretching

55-gallon oil drum is selected 40-pound sledgehammer is applied to the bottom of the barrel stretch metal evenly without tearing

use the tempering process before moving on to next phase Phase 2-Note Placement

template is used to mark placement of notes lines are drawn to guide tuner each note is grooved Phase 3-Tuning barrel side, or skirt, is cut

uses hammers of various sizes and pongs the notes from underneath of pan stretching and smoothing of the bubbled areas for tuning purposes each note is tuned in relation to the other notes Phase 4-Painting

each steel pan is painted according to how the person feels it can be colorful or just chrome this detunes the pans so tuning is done once more Hopetown Lighthouse Duo

featuring Larry and Janet Introduced to Steel Drums by Dave Beery First Performance in 1995 Ob-la-de, Ob-la-da Their Music

Traditional tropical songs Old Caribbean folk tunes Favorites from Jimmy Buffet Jazz Selections Dont Worry Be Happy

Other Steel Drum Musicians Sir Cedric Luces Bob Lyons Panjive JTs Island Steel

JR Jim Wist Red Red Wine by JR Http:// Http:// Http://

Http:// Http:// Http://

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