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Science -

Sixth Grade Curriculum Night September 19 , 2019 Sixth Grade Team: Mrs. Dooley Mr. DeBenedittis Mrs. Foley Ms. Vaccaro Mrs. Skar English Language Arts

New York State Standards Students will read, write, listen and speak for: Information and understanding Literary response and expression Critical analysis and evaluation Reading

Reading Skills and Strategies Vocabulary Word Analysis Spelling Grammar Skills Novels - classics Writing

Writing Students will: Practice and carry through the writing process The program teaches writing skills and conventions through: Mini lessons and Skill instruction embedded in each unit Teach the Writing process using a Rubric. The students will receive various rubrics specific to assignment for success. Social Studies

Encompasses the history, geography and cultures of both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres from early civilization to the present time. Social Studies/ English Language Arts Web Based Curriculum Social Studies website- Unit Unit Unit

Unit Unit Unit 123456- Neolithic Revolution River Valley Civilizations Classical Civilizations Comparative World Religions The Mediterranean World Interactions Across the Continents

Nonfiction Reading and Writing Document based questions and constructed response essays. Research Projects - Library and Computer Lab. Math New York State Standards Go Math Series Areas to be covered: Decimal Patterns and Algebra Statistics: Analyzing Data Algebra: Integers

Algebra: Linear Equations and Functions Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Applying Fractions Ratios and Proportions Applying Percents Probability Geometry/Measuring two and three dimensional figures McGraw-Hill Science

Science textbook online information forthcoming Physical Science (Matter and energy, forces and machines) Hands on Science Lab experiments. Chapter Quizzes and tests. 6th grade January 29, 2020 Follow the Engineering Design Process to develop a solution to solve a real world problem Achievement

Certificates & Character Awards Criteria for earning an Achievement Award in ELA*, Social Studies, Science, and Math: 90% or higher average in the subject and E or S in effort *ELA must also have a 3 or 4 in writing Criteria for earning a Character Award: An E in every box under Character

Development An E under effort in each subject area Sixth Grade Awards Awards Night is June 22, 2020. Academic awards (including Presidential Awards): Based on test averages starting in the first marking period of sixth grade. Take previous years grades into account. Some organizations give awards based on: Essays written in school by the students

Community service Participation in organizations, including sports, over a period of years. Students will complete a resume listing accomplishments. Example of criteria needed to earn these awards: Presidential Awards: President's Award for Educational Excellence - This award is presented to students who have demonstrated academic achievement as measured by the following criteria: Students have received an Academic Achievement Certificate in three out of four subjects in the first two marking periods of grade 6; Academic Achievement

Certificate in three out of four subjects in all three marking periods of grade 5. President's Award for Educational Achievement - This award is presented to sixth grade students, as recommended by the sixth grade and special area teachers, who have demonstrated outstanding effort and a commitment to learning in all subject and special areas throughout the school day since September. Our first Parent-Teacher conference will take place on December 12-13 in the afternoons as well as on the evening of December 12.

Our second Parent-Teacher conference will take place on March 19-20 in the afternoons. The assessments include: Reading Street Assessments, Constructed and Extended Responses, Go Math Chapter Tests, Science Tests, Social Studies Exams and Projects. Homework should be recorded in all students planners each day. It can also be found on the teachers web sites.

Extra Help will begin in October. Information will be provided from each individual teacher. STAR is administered three times during the school year. New York State Assessments ELA (computer based) March 24 March 31, 2020 Math (computer based) April 20 April 27, 2020

John Lewis Childs School Website 1. Go to the school district website: https :// 2. Locate the Select a School drop down menu: Select- John Lewis Childs School 3. Click on Teacher in the menu bar at the top of the page to access teacher list. 4. Scroll down the list until you find the classroom teachers name. Click to

access the teachers webpage. Allergy Awareness Our room is a peanut/tree nut free/allergy aware classroom. Due to the large amount of allergies in our classroom, only non-food class celebrations are allowed. Class Trips United Skates of America November 8, 2019 Focus on Newtons Laws of Motion

Broadway play: Aladdin May 13, 2020 Permission slips will be sent home soon. Boat trip: Dolphin II towards the end of the school year Ronald McDonald House Partnering with the John Lewis Childs School Ronald McDonald House of Long Island RMHs mission is to comfort and shelter families with a sick child in a local hospital. A home away from home, the House provides the

parents and siblings of these children with a temporary haven in a secure and comfortable environment among other families sharing a similar burden. JLCS will hold year long activities that will promote a partnership between our parents, students, JLCS staff and the Ronald McDonald House. FALL 2019: Back to School Activity. The JLCS Kindness Tree is located in the hallway outside the main office. On the tree are baskets of leaves with items needed by Ronald McDonald House. These items are essential to help care for the families in the house. Please choose a leaf from the tree on your way out tonight and help US to help THEM!! These items can be returned to your childs teacher at

your convenience. Our Student Council will be delivering the items to RMH in October. THANK YOU in advance for your generosity!! Pictures, Pictures, Pictures PTA needs your help when the time comes for your child to graduate from JLCS! Start collecting school memories for your childs 6th grade yearbook. It may seem far away but time flies! Save pictures on a flash drive, in a file, scan them into your computer, keep them in a paper file, etc etc The Yearbook Committee tries their best to get every student in the pages that include candid shots but have difficulty

obtaining the pictures from parents. We want every student represented throughout their career at JLCS! SOOOOO SAVE THOSE PICTURES! Sixth Grade Parent Meeting Dont forget to attend the Sixth Grade Parent Meeting in the auditorium right after our Curriculum Night meeting.

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