School Data & Test Coordinators

School Data & Test Coordinators

SCHOOL DATA & TEST COORDINATORS September 4, 2018 Meeting

Gerri M. Marshall, Ed. D. Data-Driven Decision

Making Inquiry Cycle

new test coordinators: Jill (Baltz), Erin & Amanda (Highlands), Melanie & Whitney (Mote), Kristin (North Star), Maddie (AIMS), Mary (Skyline), Michelle (Cab),

Melissa (RPLC) and welcome Back experienced test coords!

Stipend, Responsibilities, Meeting Schedule Time of meetings with changes in start times Test Calendar

DOE DeSSA updates: Trainings DSARA: IMS and public Smareter IAB

DOE Smarter Analytics SDTC Meeting Norms

Respect time and others Remain solution-focused Respect confidentiality

Meeting norm accountability: problem

Silent hand signal to correct a Stay Informed

Access Resources

State Test Calendar District Dates for State Tests

Red Clay

window starts 4/29 so

that is 3 weeks

then makeups

DOE DeSSA Updates Red Clay Test Coords:

This and a few other trainings (accommodations, TIDE,

IAB) will be done on your own time before the end of November in lieu of a

November meeting.

RC note: IAB- Staff need to complete Security and IAB training, student accom/supports would need to be

entered, secure shredding bin available Red Clay District contact: Nadia Johnson

School contact: ED RC contact: Holly Golder

School Contact: Test Center Supervisor for PSAT 8: Building Admin assigned to testing

Red Clay District contact: Amy Klein/Carol Beck School contact: Building Admin Assigned to testing, EL staff

* *

Smarter Analytics DOE -2018 Scores in end of August -2019 Targets in mid Sept

Local Gurus: Corey Heacock, Stanton and Dana Farrior, Marbrook

Smarter IABs

Happy New School Year

Gerry Brooks

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