Sasquatch Award 2015 - 2016

Sasquatch Award 2015 - 2016

Sasquatch Award 2018 - 2019 Take the Challenge! Read the Books! Ghost by Jason Reynolds Ghost is #1 in the Defenders Track Team Series. Here are the others. Jason Reynold lives in Brooklyn, New York and is a 34 year old writer. He likes to play ball and does not like boring books. The Skeleton Tree

by Iain Lawrence Fans of Hatchet will be drawn to this harrowing survival story! Iain has worked at many different jobs including logging, salmon fishing and fighting forest fires. He lives on Gabriola Island, Canada and has written 15 books for young readers. Sputniks Guide to Life on Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce This book invites readers to

suspend belief while going on a physics-defying, mindbending adventure thats sure to appeal to a wide audience. Full of escapades, humor, and spunk, this is a stand-alone gem. Frank has written books for young readers and adults as well and screen plays and scripts. He has won many awards and lives in Liverpool, England with his family. It Aint So Awful Falafel by Firoozeh Dumas

Firoozeh was born in Iran and moved to California when she was seven. Her family would go back and forth during her childhood. She writes for young readers and also for newspapers and magazines. * "Dumas semi-autobiographical novel is both funny and affecting...Readers will be thoroughly invested in Cindys story, whether holding their breath or laughing out loud, and always hoping that the Yousefzadehs will come out on top."

Booklist, STARRED review A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen Jennifer Nielsen, was born and raised in northern Utah, where she still lives today with her husband, three children, and a dog that wont play fetch. She is the author of The Ascendance trilogy, the MARK OF THE THIEF series, and A NIGHT DIVIDED. She loves chocolate, old books, and lazy days in the mountains. "Absorbing and deeply suspenseful,

with plenty of ticking-clock tension... an eyeopening glimpse of history." Wish by Barbara OConnor This heartwarming story is not to be missed. Kidsreads This is Barbara in first grade! As a child she loved dogs, tap dancing and school. She now lives in North Carolina with her husband, 2 dogs and she has a grown up

son. She has written many award winning books. The Tapper Twins Go To War " *"This uproarious series by Geoff Rodkey opener... is packed with both laugh-out-loud moments and heart." ~Publishers Weekly, starred review Hi! Im Geoff Rodkey. I write things for a living: mostly books, movies, and TV showsbut Ive also written

for magazines, newspapers, video games, web sites, standup comedians, and even two United States Senators. Evil Wizard Smallbone by Delia Sherman Delia was born in Japan but grew up and lives in New York. She loves to travel. This is her 5th book. Readers will be hooked early on with the numerous spells,

enchanted animals, dueling wizards, and constant action in this fantasy tale. A couple plot twists add to the action. Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadajaran Gita was born and raised in India. Now she lives in New Jersey and teaches second grade

Sarah lives in New York with her husband. She has 3 grown children. She has a dog named Meems. * "A novel treatment of a familiar situation delivered with fizz." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

Lauren Wolk is a novelist, poet, visual artist, and Associate Director at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. Superbbeautifully writtenA compelling story [that] will have readersyoung and old alike thinking about it a long time after the final page has been turned. The Midnight War of Mateo Marinez by Robin Yardi A magnificent novel that

defines what it is to be an older brother, a friend, and, yes, even a knight. Robin Yardi lives in the California foothills, where every once in a while, in the dark of nighta skunk or two will sneak by. She loves good stories, animals of all sorts, homemade cakes, and kids. Fuzzy by Tom Angleberger and Paul Dellinger "A tech-infused wild ride, with some suspenseful moments and

brilliant twistsan ideal book for reluctant readers, young science fans and really anyone who wishes their best friend were a robot." Tom lives in Virginia with his wife who is an illustrator. He was a biology research assistant, juggler and newspaper columnist before he started writing books.

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