Safety in the Science Lab!! - Ms. Petrauskas' Class

Safety in the Science Lab!! - Ms. Petrauskas' Class

Safety in the Science Lab!! Safety Equipment Equipment Safety Goggles Use/Function Protect eyes from chemical spills and/or projectiles Aprons Protect skin and clothing from chemical spills Fire blanket(s)

Wrapped around burning object to suffocate/extinguish flames (e.g. hand or arm) Used to suffocate and extinguish flames Directed at flames from a 2 meter distance Fire extinguisher(s) Safety Equipment Equipment Eyewash station

Broken glass container Emergency shower First Aid kit(s) Soap & Paper Towel Use/Function Used to rinse/wash chemicals from eye region Gentle application of water to both eyes for 15 mins Container in which broken glass is placed Used to rinse/wash chemicals from

skin and hair Clothing should be removed Used to treat minor cuts and burns Used to clean up/dry minor spills/hands/equipment Used to wash/disinfect hands Map of Classroom Hall Teachers Desk Household Hazardous Product Symbols WHMIS Product

Symbols Lab Safety Rules THINK!! Think, before doing anything in the laboratory. Maintain quiet behaviour during lab periods. Never rush. Always be prepared to stop quickly. Come to the lab PREPARED. Read experiments

carefully before doing it. Know the location for equipment in the lab. Books not in use should be put aside. Report all injuries to the teacher immediately, regardless of how minor (cuts, burns, scrapes). Learn to light the Bunsen burner correctly (you will be instructed by your teacher). Keep your head back from the burner when using it. Long hair should be behind your shoulders, and back if possible. The most common injury is a BURN caused by touching objects that have been heated. Hot glass looks the same as cold glass. Lab Safety Rules THINK!!

When removing an electric plug from the socket, pull the plug NOT the cord. Wash your hands with soap after EVERY lab period especially if you have been handling chemicals or doing bacterial labs. Clean up chemical spills IMMEDIATELY. The desk should be clean and dry throughout the experiment. That drop of liquid may be acid and not water. Put all broken glass in the broken glass container. Report all cracked glassware to your teacher IMMEDIATLEY. If you spill acid or base on your skin, immediately

FLUSH the area with lots of water. Tell the teacher who will take further action (A baking soda solution may be added). Lab Safety Rules THINK!! If acid or any chemical is splashed in your eyes, FLUSH them with lots of water for at least 10 minutes (at the eyewash station if available).

When heating a test tube containing a liquid, heat GENTLY and point the tube away from anyone. Slant it towards the wall. Keep your SAFETY GOGGLES on, when told to do so by the teacher. Clamps holding material to the edge of the desk must be pointed down. Quickly rotating materials should be thoroughly checked prior to the beginning of the experiment. A small piece of material moving quickly has a tremendous potential to damage. Be familiar with the LOCATION and USE of safety equipment in the classroom or lab (e.g. fire blanket, fire extinguisher, safety goggles, first aid kits, etc.) Lab Safety Rules DO NOT!

Wear contact lenses, loose clothing, or hanging jewelry during an experiment. Smell chemicals without permission from the teacher. Use the hand-waving method if necessary. Push glass tubing or thermometers into rubber stoppers. If they have to be adjusted, ask your teacher to do it. Carry hot equipment or dangerous chemicals through

a group of students. Taste anything in the laboratory unless directed to do so. Drink water from the taps (or EYE WASH STATION) in the lab. Eat or bring food into the laboratory. GUM ESPECIALLY!!! Lab Safety Rules DO NOT!

Handle chemicals with your hands. Use a SCOOPULA to remove chemicals from the containers. Take ONLY the amount needed and then replace the lid. Leave the Bunsen burner flame UNATTENDED. One partner should stay with the experiment. Turn the burner off if you dont need to use it anymore. Remove footwear in the lab. Conduct any experiment or TOUCH any equipment if the teacher is not present in the room. TOUCH any chemicals or equipment set up by another class or teacher

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