Saama Corporate Overview - Meetup

Saama Corporate Overview - Meetup

Saama Corp Overview January 2014 Saama Confidential Our Purpose Focus on the high impact business questions Democratize the access to data and the analytical processes that can enable ACTION Saama Confidential 2 Who We are Pure-play Data & Analytics 97 Blue-chip client list

Consulting and Services focused Strong strategic partners Platform independent approach Global presence US, Europe, India Innovative IP-based solutions 2013 approximately 500 people Saama Confidential 3 Where We Are Located New York Columbus Phoenix

Bay Area Basel London Pune Saama Confidential 4 Driving the Maturity Model Business Enablement Enhanced Decision Making Best Practice Collaboration Big Data Analytics Applications Predictive /

Prescriptive Analytics Dashboards and Reporting Strategy and Data Architectur e Rule Based Guided System Derive Information Integrate Data Record Transactions Scop e Saama Confidential 5 Inside Out and Outside In d

an e em ics d D si s l yt t s e na u n i O s rA u B fo In Finance

OPS Business Analytics Core IT Marketing IInn ssii ddee IInn OOuu ffrr tt aass :: II ttrr TT uucc BB ttuu uuiill rree ddii nngg

Analytic Tools ENG Saama Confidential 6 Data Integration Data Synthesis and Predictive Analysis Data Analysis and Visualization Data Services Harvestor Data Discovery

Platform Expertise DataStage Data Management and Processing OBIEE SSIS Saama Confidential 7 Saama Solutions Operational Compliance Big Data Analytics

Represents 25% of Saamas business and Analytics growing Analytics Highly Customer Social 30% GRC Planning leveraged Saama Readiness IP: 70% IP framework, Employee Engagement and IT as a Business Analytics Fraud Management Engineering

Operations services and customization RAPID time to value Risk and Control Assessment Key implementation focus is on meeting customers unique needs while leveraging re-usable components Brand Management and Sentiment Analysis Servicing Costs LOB ERM Impact Supported as cloud or on premise - subscriptionbased solutions Channel Engagement

Campaign Analytics Supply Chain Analytics Vendor Optimization Regulatory Independent GRC Support Optimization Saama Analytics Frameworks Saama Confidential 8 Saama Solutions Framework Saama Confidential 9

Subset of Strategic Partnerships Saama Confidential 10 Some of our Customers Saama Confidential 11 Saama Differentiation 500+ Employees Saama Analytics Framework Full Big Data Life Cycle

Consulting Services 100% Data Management and Business Analytics Predictive Analytics Data Governance Global delivery business model Core Infrastructure Services Architecture Saama Confidential 12 Saama Confidential

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