Rural policing - the Herts way

Rural policing - the Herts way

Rural Crime Everybodys Business David Gibson Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire

The Changing Face of Rural Policing then. .and now

A Rural / Urban Patchwork A Rural / Urban Patchwork

4x4 Response Rural Crime Issues Rural Operational Support Team (ROST)

What ROST Does Centre of excellence on rural crime issues Provide support and advice across the force Ensure officers and staff are properly trained to respond to

rural issues Create networks with partners and communities in Hertfordshire to tackle specific issues Liaise with other police forces and national organisations to ensure joined up approach

Hare Coursing Hare Coursing Actions Proactive Operations to target perpetrators

Working with local communities to provide rapid report and response networks Deterrence signs and warnings Co operation with neighbouring forces to deal with cross border gangs

Hare Coursing Results A significant drop in reported incidents Success in the courts some recent cases May 2016 Man convicted of coursing in E

Herts fined over 1000 pounds. August 2016 2 Men convicted in Hatfield and fined. Proactive Partnership Working

Fly-tipping Fly-tipping - Cost

Welwyn Hatfield District Council Jul Sep 2015 Cost of disposal and description of waste Fly-tipping

Fly-tipping - Progress A single definition of fly-tipping A single recording mechanism Faster investigations more joint operations

Research on why fly-tipping happens Better integration between police and local authority responses Everybodys Business

Rural Special Constables Rural Special Constables - Role Unique role - dedicated to rural communities and

specially trained to understand issues Same equipment, responsibilities and warranted powers as regular officer Some patrol on horseback using their own horses or via ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) or quad bike

Deeply embedded in their own community even when off duty Community Drive Safe Community Drive Safe Key Facts Educates drivers road side speed monitoring and feedback

Volunteer driven empowers communities Speeders sent letters / visited by police if persistent 36 schemes in Herts

OWL Online Watch Link How OWL Works

Direct communication between local police, coordinators and Neighbourhood Watch members via email Members kept up to date about what is happening in their patch

Covers one in five Hertfordshire homes over 100,000 people Some ways OWL has helped the police in Hertfordshire

Missing people found after local OWL alerts Scammers thwarted when OWL members warned of their schemes Intelligence leading to arrests following OWL alerts Stolen farm machinery recovered

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