Rotary Peace Centers Program Vision: - Rotary District 7620

Rotary Peace Centers Program Vision: - Rotary District 7620

Rotary Peace Fellowships Program Overview Patsy A. Ezell, Ph.D Chair, Rotary Peace Fellowship Selection Committee, District 7620 Rotary Peace Centers Program Vision: The Rotary Peace Centers program has a vision of sustainable peace: encompassing a network of peacebuilders and community leaders dedicated to preventing and resolving conflicts across the global community. Rotary Peace Centers Program | 2 Rotary Peace Centers Mission Partnership with 7 leading universities around the world

Build Capacity Be a Catalyst Global Impact Academic Training Empower Rotary Peace Centers Program | 3 Rotary Peace Center Programs: 2 Options for Study Masters Degree Empowers the leaders of tomorrow Five centers, six universities 10 fellows assigned to each of the 5 masters centers (50 total)

15 to 24 month course Professional Development Certificate Strengthens the leaders of today One center, one university Up to 25 fellows in each session, maximum of up to 50 per year Three month course Rotary Peace Centers Program | 4 Rotary Peace Centers University Partners Rotary Peace Centers Program | 5 Applicant Profiles 2015 Selected Fellows (Just Masters) All Applicants

Selected Fellows (Just Certificate) Gender 60.3% Female 39.7% Male 60% Female 40% Male 54% Female 46% Male Citizenship from Low-Income Country 54.8%

48% 56% Average Age 33 Years 29 years 41 Years Average # of years of work experience 8.3 Years 5.7 Years

14 Years Previous Work Experience NGO or MLI: 38% Government: 12% Education: 23% Law: 8% Other: 19% NGO or MLI: 52% Government: 12% Education: 14% Law: 4% Other: 18% NGO or MLI: 44% Education: 8%

Government: 16% Law: 12% Other: 20% Average IELTS 6.9 7.5 n/a Average TOEFL 96 105 n/a

TITLE | 6 Rotary Peace Fellow alumni locations 34% North America 20% Europe 6% Africa 22% Asia 9% South America 6% Australia/Oceania Rotary Peace Centers Program | 7 Alumni Updates Alumni Update 95% work in peace and conflict resolution Approximately 900 alumni (2015 statistic) Rotary Peace Centers Program | 8

Peace Fellows in the field Ali Reza Eshraghi Duke-UNC (2010-12) District 5160 Iranian-born journalist Ali Reza Eshraghi is the Iran project manager at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and a teaching fellow in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. . Rotary Peace Centers Program | 9 Peace Fellows in the field Nai Lamb International Christian University (2005-07) District 5770

The Rotary World Peace Fellowship has connected me to Rotary peace fellows and Rotarians worldwide. You are making a difference in eliminating polio, and this time, you are making a difference in world peace. I truly feel that this world is a better place because of Rotarians efforts. Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 0 Peace Fellows in the field Cody Griggers University of Queensland (2010-12) District 5790 Favorite part about being a Rotary Peace Fellow: Knowing that I have a community of fellows which I can call upon for professional, moral or other support as

we all have such diverse expertise and experiences--it is really an unparalleled community that I remain closely connected to, as our paths continue to cross. Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 1 Peace Fellow in the Field Peter Dien Uppsala University (2015-2017) District 7620 By leveraging both practical and classroom-based experiences, Rotary Peace Fellows learn innovative and critical ways of thinking about peace building for our professional development and personal well-being.

Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 2 Peter Dien Working with Syrian Refugees (11,000 Syrian refugees held at Balkan borders between Greece & Macedonia) Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 3 Take Action 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Recruit qualified Rotary Peace Fellowship applicants Advertise the Rotary Peace Fellowship Coach, mentor and endorse qualified candidates at Club level Support the Rotary Peace Centers Major Gifts Initiative Join the Rotarian Action Group for Peace Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 4 Recruit Applicants Promote the Application Checklist Video (brochures and print material)

Social Media: Subscribe to the Peace in Action newsletter Send out a press release Meet with community partners Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 5 Application Timeline for Districts

RECRUIT Clubs and Districts recruit applicants December - May Did you know? Your district may endorse multiple qualified applicants to the Rotary Peace Centers! INTERVIEW AND ENDORSE APPLICANTS REQUIRED for Districts OPTIONAL for Clubs, but encouraged! Once an application is received, interview and select which candidates you would like to endorse

May 31 applications are due to district APPLICATION DEADLINE All endorsed applications are due to TRF by 1 July TRF Processing Districts will receive confirmation that the application has been received Announcements Applicants, Clubs and Districts will be notified about results

in November Selection Committee Finalists and Alternates will be selected in November Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 6 Application Timeline for District 7620 Jan.-MayRecruit qualified Applicants May 15 Applications due to Clubs (optional but encouraged) May 31 Applications submitted one of two ways: 1. Submitted directly to District as PDF via [email protected] 2. Submitted directly online

June 18 District Interviews -- greater DC area July 1 Successful applications submitted Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 7 Resources Visit to access resources For Rotarians: Program Guide for Rotarians PDF Application How to donate funds For future applicants: Application Worksheets (Masters & Certificate) Application FAQs Tips to improve your application

Recommendation Forms Fellowship Guides (Masters and Certificate) Application Checklist Video Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 8 Questions? For general information, please contact [email protected] For information on Rotary District 7620 s Peace Fellowship selection process, please contact Patsy Ezell at [email protected] Rotary Peace Centers Program | 1 9

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