ROSS Resource Ordering and Status System

ROSS Resource Ordering and Status System

ROSS ADMINISTRATION INTRODUCTION UNIT 0 ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-01-ROSSA-SL WHAT IS ROSS Chartered by National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG).

Statuses and tracks tactical/logistical support resources. Communicates with external systems, such as: IQCS, I-Suite, and ICBS databases. Web based application. ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-02-ROSSA-SL UNIT OBJECTIVES In this unit the instructor will:

Introduce the instructors and students. Discuss administrative concerns. Explain what ROSS Administration is. Present an overview of course. Course Objectives Student Evaluation Criteria Discuss student course expectations. Explain application help and training options. ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20

00-03-ROSSA-SL INTRODUCTIONS Instructors Students ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-04-ROSSA-SL

HOUSEKEEPING Facilities Cell phones off. Computers. Local information. Meals and breaks. Transportation. ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20

00-05-ROSSA-SL ROSS WEB PAGE ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-06-ROSSA-SL WHAT IS

ROSS ADMINISTRATION? The foundation of ROSS. Needed in preparation for the resource ordering. Entering Organizations, resources, locations, etc. Establishing user accounts and assigning roles. After the organizations and resources are entered, users are able to track and status resources. ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-07-ROSSA-SL

COURSE OVERVIEW The course is presented through lecture and demonstration, discussions and practice sessions. A student work book is provided that follows the lecture and provides room for note taking. ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-08-ROSSA-SL COURSE OBJECTIVES

At the end of this course you should be able to: Understand the ROSS Infrastructure components. Understand how Organizations are used in ROSS and how to request updates and the creation of a new Organization. Give users roles in ROSS and create Web Status accounts. Successfully manage Contracts. Successfully manage resource items in ROSS. Successfully manage Locations. Successfully manage Selection areas. ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20

00-09-ROSSA-SL STUDENT EVALUATIONS Students are evaluated on their understanding of the ROSS Administration units and their ability to complete the exercises. Students will only be granted Administrative roles if they prove proficiency by the end of the class. ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20

00-10-ROSSA-SL STUDENT EXPECTATIONS What are your expectations of the class? Will they be meant by the class? ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-11-ROSSA-SL APPLICATION HELP

User support documents on the ROSS web page. User Guides. Quick Reference Cards. ROSS Tips & Tricks. Application Online Help. ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-12-ROSSA-SL ROSS TRAINING Training may be conducted as classroom or

virtual instructor led training, OJT, etc. Courseware is posted on the ROSS web site under the Training tab. The user support documents mentioned above are also useful in user training. ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-13-ROSSA-SL QUESTIONS?

ROSS Version 2.15.1 02/24/20 00-14-ROSSA-SL

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