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Romeo and Juliet - Mrs. Harding's Classroom - Home

Romeo and Juliet Test Review Tragedy - Comedy -

a play that begins with trouble and ends in peace. a play that begins in calm and ends in violence;

usually ends with the death of one or more of the main characters. Two types of Elizabethan Plays

The people who stood to watch the plays were called groundlings . Groundlings Built in

1598 Globe Theatre Destroyed by fire in 1613. It was set on fire by a spark from a cannon

during the play Henry VIII. Globe Theatre William Shakespeare

He wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1594. Shakespeare The Kings Men Shakespeares Acting Group

Romeo and Juliet is written in Blank Verse a form of poetry written in unrhyming lines that sound similar to everyday speech. Blank Verse

There were no female actors because it was considered improper for women to appear on stage. He has been called a word musician.

Assassination Bump Lonely Word Master The central character of a

drama is known as the protagonist. Protagonist The antagonist is the force working against the protagonist.

Antagonist A character whose personality and attitude contrast sharply with those of another character is called a foil.

Foil A speech given by a character alone on stage is called a soliloquy. Soliloquy

An aside is a characters remark that others on stage do not hear. Aside A humorous scene or speech intended to lighten the mood

is known as comic relief. Comic Relief The term used to describe a situation in a play in which the audience knows more than the character is called dramatic

irony. Dramatic Irony An allusion is a reference within a work to something that the audience is expected to

know. Allusion Shakespeares plays have allusions to Greek mythology, Roman Mythology and the Bible.

Allusion A joke that results from multiple word meanings is called a pun. Pun

Asunder: apart Fury: anger; rage; inflamed Ado: gathering

Beshrew: curse Fancy Free: without any ties or commitments Foul Play: unfair behavior; violent conduct In Stitches: laughing a lot Mums the Word: keep quiet, say nothing Stony-hearted: cruel and unfeeling Thou: you Hath: have

Vocabulary/ Expressions STUDY! Romeo and Juliet

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