Romania - Partecipiamo

Romania - Partecipiamo

Romania - countryside music:

Gheorghe Zamfir Lonely Shepherd Romania

a country of wonderful places with

palaces, castles, monuments of art Bran Castle

The Council Tower-Sibiu Palatul parlamentului

Palace of Parliament, Bucharest The Arch of Triumph

The Athenaeum from Bucharest Peles Castle, Sinaia

Sighisoara Timisoara-opera

Brasov From White Tower Brasov Main Square

Brasov Council Square C E




G E Transylvania

Romania a country with

Carpathians Mountains, rivers and lakes

Carpathians Mountains Toaca peak (1900 m) Durau Carpathians Mountains

Olt River-Cozia Landscape by mountains

Balea lake Transfagarasan

Balea lake Red lake

lake and mountains White nature in Romania

Retezat Mountains Bucura lake

Winter in the Carpathians Mountains Romania a country

with the BLACK SEA

Meduse from the Black Sea Constanta, Mamaia on the Black Sea

C a s i

n o i n

C o n s

t a n t

a Romania a country

with wonderful DANUBE DELTA

sturgeon on the Danube near the Iron Gates Swan from Danube Delta

Gura Portitei in the Danube Delta, a wonderful place in Romania Romania

a country with green FORESTS

Autumn in the forest In the forest

Autumn leaves in the forest Reflections in nature

Romania a country with picturesque

MONASTERIES and authentic customs

Putna Monastery Barsana Monastery

Vlad Tepes Dracula's grave, Snagov E a

s t e r

e g g s

Transylvania n Brandy Jug (Oas)

Barsana Monastery Romanian ceramic saucers

Romanias rugs Hermitage Church

Romania a country with

picturesque landscapes and a rich spiritual people

Field of wheat Romanian people

Landscape in Romania Pasture of Romania

Wolf in Romania Costesti Cetatuia

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