Roadmap - European Commission

Roadmap - European Commission

EU initiatives linked to sustainable investment Jobs, Growth and Investment Energy Union and Climate Creating jobs and boosting growth without creating new debt Making energy more secure, affordable and sustainable EFSI 2.0 Energy Union CMU Sustainable finance strategy and expert group Present united EU front at COP22

EIB's investment programmes COP21 implementation / INDC Non-Financial Reporting Directive Guidelines Sustainable Development Strategy Shareholder Rights Directive Addis Ababa Action agenda (including blending policies) Circular Economy strategy CSR Strategy Horizon 2020 Sustainability in STS Securitisation rules

2030 Climate and Energy Framework (potentially new targets for energy efficiency and renewables) Internal Market A deeper and fairer internal market IORP (ESG Information) ETS reform PRIIPS E&S investment definition Effort Sharing Regulation proposal MiFID (Research Commission) Energy efficiency initiatives (DG ENVI study in fiduciary duty)

Responsible investment consultation A Stronger Global Actor Bringing together the tools of Europes external action EUs role in G20 (Green Finance Task Force) + looking forward to DE G20 Presidency EU follow up to the Financial Stability Boards Task Force on climate disclosure HTTP://AVIVASUSTAINABLEFINANCETOOLKIT.COM/ Dr Steve Waygood Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors 20th December 2016 @stevewaygood

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  • Healthy vs. pathological cognitive aging

    Healthy vs. pathological cognitive aging

    Setup of CAM-CTRP Neuroimaging Analysis Laboratory. ... (phantoms acquired at beginning of each day) Laboratory Biomarker Initiatives. Proteomics and metabolomics (e.g., cytokines) Genomics . ... Facilitated by arrival of Dr. Solberg to direct clinical geriatrics at UF .
  • 1. Generational outlook - STEP Project

    1. Generational outlook - STEP Project

    Laakkonen, Anne. "Construction of the Entrepreneurial Identity in the Family Business Context: A Cross-Cultural Study." ... Universität St.Gallen, Switzerland, 2011. Zwack, Mirko. Transmission of values in family business. Stories as a way of communicating cultural values.
  • Rules and procedures for TAs

    Rules and procedures for TAs

    Obtenir des données pour un système clos:1) pression vs. volume2) pression vs. nombre de moles3) pression vs. température. Déterminer la relation entre ces variables et formuler une expression unique reliant ces variables. Déterminer si l'air se comporte comme un gaz...
  • Body Worn Cameras: Building Secure & Manageable Program for ...

    Body Worn Cameras: Building Secure & Manageable Program for ...

    Body Worn Camera (BWC) Symposium. On January 21, 2016, in Washington, DC, the Police Foundation, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Major Cities Chiefs Association, and, convened more than 150 law enforcement officials along with legal professionals, security...
  • The Persuasive Speech

    The Persuasive Speech

    Logos: The heart of an argument. Reason from a principle . that you believe everyone in your audience accepts (such as "Freedom of Speech") Reason from reality . using statistics, comparisons, and even scientific data (Science is a god-term---a key...
  • 3.1 Models of health belief - Psychology

    3.1 Models of health belief - Psychology

    In the second week, the children used the Funhaler, and the parents were given a matched questions questionnaire. Findings 38% more parents were found to have medicated their children the previous day when using the Funhaler compared to the normal...
  • How to Use S.A.F.

    How to Use S.A.F.

    ) The theme was also displayed when the sniper encountered "an informer" and is forced to shoot her (O'Flaherty 213). (data/evidence) Because the woman had revealed his position, the sniper has to kill her as well as the soldiers she...
  • PowerPoint Presentation

    PowerPoint Presentation

    Bell work - 5 minutes ... joined together in a long chain PO4 PO4 PO4 PO4 sugar-phosphate backbone + bases Joined nucleotides 7 The bases always pair up in the same way Adenine forms a bond with Thymine and Cytosine...