Resume Writing 101 - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Resume Writing 101 - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

RESUME WRITING 101 UTC Career & Student Employment Making Your Resume Pop Pop Quiz! What is the initial amount of time an employer takes to review an applicants resume? Answer:

15 20 seconds minimum 45 seconds maximum Why do you need a resume? A marketing tool To obtain an interview, not a job

Requirement of many organizations Resume- hidden messages Resume You Neat

Neat Well-organized Well-organized Error free

Attention to detail Professional appearance Careful & Competent

Sections of a Resume The Header What should be included? Name Permanent and present address E-mail address Telephone number

Where should contact information go? Top of the page Objective Statement Purpose Communicate interested in

Examples Management the type of position you are trainee position with a specialty retailer. Technical sales with an energy related industry in the Southwest. Long range goals of regional sales management. To obtain a position as field service

representative with XYZ Software Corporation. Education Name of Institution Include city and state if not part of the title Name of your degree and major

Bachelor of _________ in ___________ Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Accounting List degrees in reverse chronological order Most

recent degree is listed first Education Date or expected date of graduation Graduation Date: May 2014 Expected Graduation Date: May 2015 GPA

Major or overall at least 3.0 Round down to the nearest tenth 3.0 not 3.062 GPA: 4.0, Summa Cum Laude High School Information Do not include after Sophomore year

Experience Use the term "experience" What is considered experience? Full and part-time jobs Self-employment Volunteer work Practicum, field, and cooperative education Information

Job to include Title Dates of employment Company name City & State Listing Responsibilities Use bullet points

Start of each line with an action verb Present tense if currently employed Past tense if no longer employed Vary your choice of verbs Tailor skills and experiences to the position for which you are applying

Be concise while providing enough detail Honors & Awards Order by dates Reverse chronological Rank order by importance to the career objective

Professional Affiliations & Activities Order by date Reverse chronological Rank order by importance to the career objective Do not say Member of Emphasize your leadership roles Spell out the organizations name: Do not use abbreviations or acronyms Resume Dos

Use action verbs Use short, concise sentences Use #, %, $ amounts Keep resume easy to read

Keep resume about one page Resume Donts Do not use the pronouns such as I, me, my, etc. Do not include references

Do not clutter your resume with nonessential information Do not make any misrepresentations Do not include personal information SSN, age, sex, height, weight, marital status,

photograph, etc. Need Additional Help? UTC Career & Student Employment Center 315 University Center | 423.425.4184 [email protected]

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