Reporting and Assessment

Reporting and Assessment

Year 12 Parents Information Evening 2013 Sixth Form Team: Sixth Form Progress Leader Mr Cooke Deputy Progress Leader Ms Thompson Assistant Progress Leader, Year 12 Mrs Panayi Sixth Form Administrator Mrs Dunn

Sixth Form Attendance 01277 245498 This presentation will be attached to the next Parents Newsletter Personal Tutors 12KTB Ms Bradley 12MAC Mr Crump 12TBI Mr Bishop

12AAI Ms Abbot-Imboden 12MTS Mr Sheriff 12RPG Mr Graham 12CJB Miss Burr A Growing Sixth Form 2012/13 Year 13 Year 12

148 185 Changes for Year 12 students 1) Full-time students = 540 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) 2) Examinations at the end of the academic year

1) Full-time students = 540 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) 4 AS level subjects Students that need to resit English or Maths Level 3 BTEC Pathway + 1 AS subject 3 AS level subjects Level 3 BTEC Pathway Study Periods allocated to students, must register in the new Study Zone

2) Examinations at the end of the academic year Must hit the ground running! Organisation is key Revision sessions Importance of summer exams Tracking and Assessment

Academic Reviews twice a year Promotes independent learning Parents newsletter notification Enrichment (timetabled) 1) Personal Development for Progression 2) Sports Leaders Award 3) Language Leaders Award 4) The Young Apprentice Programme

5) Financial Capability Community Enrichment: Sports clubs Subject Ambassador Classroom Assistant Film Club Peer Mentor X Team

Teaching Assistant

Fundraising Circles of Support Voluntary work Paired reading Assistant Form Tutor Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) - Available for students in Year 13 - AS Level (carries UCAS points)

- Forms part of the AQA Baccalaureate - Students create their own project title AQA Bacc Students Academic Study The Bacc is built on the solid foundation of students main A Level choices (Three A Levels)

Enrichment Activities Work-related learning Community participation Personal development activities

Broader Study AS Critical Thinking AS Citizenship Independent Learning The EPQ will develop students abilities to manage tasks using their own initiative and resources

Year 12: Expectations/ Standards In classroom and at home Learning is the priority Curriculum Enrichment Enjoy Achieve their full potential

Monitoring and Supporting Students: 1) Academic and Pastoral Mentoring 2) Personal Tutors: Meet with students continually throughout the two years 3) Assistant Progress Leader and Deputy Progress Leader: One-to-one mentoring 4) Sixth Form Support Policy 5) Staff and students work in collaboration Bursary Scheme Who is entitled? Level 1: Young people in receipt of income support or disability living allowance;

Level 2: Those that received free school meals in Yr 11; Level 3: Those with a financial need who do not fall into the above categories and whose household income is below 20,000. See Mrs Dunn for information and application Deadline 23rd September

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