PURCHASING Bill Ramsey 1 Purchasing Objectives: Understand the purpose of a purchasing management system Recognize bidding and contracting principles Review basic consultant management practices

The Devoted Purchasing Agent PROCUREMENT PRINCIPLES

Give managers more control over purchasing and more accountability Substitute best value for low cost Simplify & automate purchase of commodities Enhance competition Create an e-commerce infrastructure Partner with vendors to share risk/reward Osborne & Hutchinson PRICE OF GOVERNMENT Use RFPs to buy results not just meet

Purchasing Purchasing/Bidding Management: Purpose: accountability Federal, state & local standards (policies)

Conflicts of interest No financial interest/benefit Financial disclosure requirements for staff Description of prohibited acts like gifts and gratuities Prohibition on contingency fees Lobbying restrictions Lowest bidder Confidential information Team with finance/audit/legal

Purchasing Consultant/Bidding Management Practices: Determine/follow state law Clear, complete requests for RFP/Bid proposal Contracting identified in legal; repeated for emphasis

Purchasing Basic Project Management: In addition to doing the legal thing, do the right thing

Use a team to brainstorm potential issues Have clear mechanisms for dispute resolution include legal Project inspection do not skimp! Periodic reports on status to Chief Executive/Legislative Branch Purchasing Basic project management, part 2: Anticipate close-out delays

Identify areas to improve upon for the next time Inventory E Cards Asset Management Private Management

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