Public Speaking

Public Speaking

The power of public speaking Similarities between public speaking and public speaking and conversation Differences between public speaking and conversation Developing confidence: your speech class

a. b. Nervousness is normal Dealing with nervousness 1. Organizing your thoughts logically. 2. Tailoring your message to your audience. 3. Telling a story for maximum impact.

4. Adapting to listener feedback. 1. Public speaking is more highly structured. 2. Public speaking requires more formal language 3. Public speaking requires a different method of delivery. OUTLINING THE SPEECH

State the specific purpose of your speech Identify the central idea Label the introduction ,body , and Conclusion Use a consistent pattern of symbolization and indentation The pattern of symbolization and indentation in a speech outline that shows the relationships among the ideas of the speech. I. Main point

A. Subpoint B. Subpoint 1. Sub-subpoint 2. Sub-subpoint II. Main point A. Subpoint 1. Sub-subpoint 2. Sub-subpoint B. Subpoint State main points and subpoints in full sentences Label transition, internal summaries, and internal preview

Attach a bibliography Give your speech a title, if one is desired A brief outline used to jog a speakers memory during the presentation. 1. Follow the visual framework used in the preparation 2. Make sure the outline is legible 3. Keep the outline as brief as possible 4. Give yourself cues for delivering the speech outline

Directions in a speaking outline to help a speaker remember how she or he wants to deliver key parts of the speech. To be audiencecentered, you need to keep several questions in mind when you work on your speeches: Au Ce die n n s i tere cesk ee d n es

pin t h a g e for udie em nce o m ev ind st in e a of ry s t

pr spe tep ep ara ech t pr es and ion en tat ion . To whom am I speaking? What do I want them to know, believe, or do as a

result of my speech? What is the most effective way of composing and presenting my speech to accomplish that aim? The best classroom speeches are those that take the classroom audience as seriously as a lawyer, a politician, a minister, or an advertiser takes an audience. You should consider every audience inside the classroom and out as worthy of your best efforts to communicate your knowledge or convictions. At the least you show respect for your listeners. At the most you could make a real

difference in their lives. First, th mean ey y listene our rs wil l hear a nd judge w you sa hat

y the ba on sis of what t alread hey yk and be now lieve. y e h ,t u d

on yo e c Se ean elat m t r ess m u ur m ur o y yo to show ge r s a s it o

ne e t w lis ho ins t in a pla t r pe , ex ey m th e the hy car w ld u i t as u

o sh out yo s ab h a c . mu do Audience analysis that focuses on situational factors such as the size of the audience, the physical setting for the speech, and the disposition of the audience toward the topic, the speaker,

and the occasion. Size The large the audience, the more formal your presentation must be. Audience size may also affect your language, choice of appeals, and use of visual aids. Check the seating arrangements and the location of the lectern to be sure your audience can see you. In short, do everything you

can to control the influence the physical setting on your audience. Physical Setting Disposition Toward the Topic Interest Knowledge Attitude

One of your tasks will be to assess their interest in advance and to adjust your speech

according ly Your listeners knowledg e about your topic will to a large extent determin e what you can

say in your speech Attitude toward your topic can be extremel y importan t in determini

ng how you handle the material Disposition toward the speaker The more competent listeners believe a speaker to be, the more likely they are to accept what he or she says

Disposition toward the occasion When you are invited to speak, the chairperson usually say how much time you have for your ask GETTING INFORMATION ABOUT THE AUDIENCE Try imagine

what they will like, what they will dislike and another Audience Adaptation Before The Speech You can learn a lot about your classmates just by

observation and conversation ADAPTING TO THE AUDIENCE sure to keep an eye out during your speech for audienc

e feedbac k Audience Adaptation During The Speech Hom e Profil MAT ERI

Hom e Ethics and Public Speaking MAT Profil ERI The importance of ethics Deals with issues of right &

wrong in human affairs Ethical Speaking Hom GuidelinesMAT Profil e ERI Make sure your goals are ethically sound

Be fully prepared for each speech Be honest in what you say Avoid name-calling and other for ms of abusive language

Put ethical principles into practice Plagiarism Hom e Profil MAT ERI Presenting language, ideas of another as ones own

Types of Plagiarism Hom e Profil MAT ERI Global Patchwork Incremental Plagiarism and internet

Ethical Listening HomGuidelines MAT Profil e courteous, Be attentive Avoid prejudging speaker

Maintain free expression of ideas ERI Hom e Profil MAT ERI Ethic and public

speaking Ethical speaking guideline Plagiarism Ethical listening guideline PROFIL Hom e Profil

M.ROSYIDI & DESY TRESNA RAHAYU MAT ERI Avoid name-calling and other forms of abusive language Hom MAT Profil e

ERI a. Name-calling and personality b. Name-calling and free speech

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