Protists - Mrs. Allen's WebSite, Maury High School, NPS

Protists - Mrs. Allen's WebSite, Maury High School, NPS

Kingdom: Protists Domain Eukarya Domain Bacteria AP Biology Domain Archaea Domain Eukarya 2007-2008 Common ancestor General characteristics Classification criteria eukaryotes not animal, plant or fungi

Thats more of what theyre not & not what they are! AP Biology AP Biology oid s e mi sc ell an eo us ? gre en

alg ae red alg a bro & d wn a iat lga om e s din ofl & c agel ilia late tes s eu gle n

Great Diversity Problems with Protist Classification Too Diverse! Somethings not right here! AP Biology ph y C ta hl or o St phy (in re ta p Fuclu to ng des ph y

C ho i lan ta d an pl of an la ts ge ) A ni lli m da al s ila do R

ho St ra m en la ta A lv eo op a zo le no B ac t

er ia A rc ha ea doesnt reflect any evolutionary relationship amongst all kingdom members paraphyletic Eu g Theory of Endosymbiosis internal membrane

system aerobic bacterium Eukaryotic cell with mitochondrion Ancestral eukaryotic cell chloroplast mitochondrion photosynthetic bacterium AP Biology Eukaryotic cell with chloroplasts Paramecium & symbiont Chlorella

Protist Diversity The full spectrum of modes of life from unicellular to multicellular autotrophic to heterotrophic asexual to sexual reproduction pathogenic to beneficial sessile to mobile AP Biology Mobility How Protists move flagellum cilia pseudopod AP Biology Protist Diversity Animal-like Protists

heterotrophs, predators Amoeba Paramecium Stentor Amoeba ingesting a Paramecium AP Biology Paramecium with food vacuoles stained red Protist Diversity Plant-like Protists autotrophs, photosynthesis Euglena algae diatoms AP Biology

Protist Diversity Parasitic & pathogenic Protists malaria Giardia trypanosomes Plasmodium Giardia AP Biology Trypanosoma Protist Diversity Beneficial & necessary Protists phytoplankton small algae + diatoms much of the worlds photosynthesis

produces ~90% of atmospheric oxygen zooplankton heterotrophic protists + animals key ecological role at base of marine food web AP Biology Mmmmmm! Sounds like breakfast! Any Questions?? AP Biology 2007-2008

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