Promotion - Dysart High School

Promotion - Dysart High School

MARKETING MIX 4. PROMOTION (Types of Promotion) 1 4 Types of Traditional Promotion 1. PUBLIC RELATIONS(PR) UNPAID references to a business to further a POSITIVE impression GOAL - showcase business in POSITIVE manner Three (3) Types of Public Relations: A. News Releases ANNOUNCEMENT

sent to media outlets Newsworthy developments about company (facilities/operations, partners, employees, events, revenue and earnings) 2 3 Types of PR (continued) B. Social Media way to INTERACT with customers and get feedback on company, products and service Obtain opinions and speak directly with customers

(News Releases & Social Media GAIN publicity) C. Publicity newsworthy information about business to publics attention Charitable donations Avoid negative publicity 3 4 Types of Traditional Promotion 2. SALES PROMOTION All marketing activities directed at business or retail customers to boost sales (except personal selling, advertising and public relations)

Goals of Sales Promotion are to: INCREASE sales INFORM potential customers about NEW products CREATE a positive business image Coupons Point of Purchase Product samples Running contests / competitions Money-off promos Visual Merchandising

Premiums/Giveaways (POP) Promotional Tie-Ins displays 4 PROMOTIONAL TIE-INS Promotional Tie-Ins involves TWO OR MORE products advertised, marketed, or sold together Coordinated sales promotion arrangement

between the RETAILER and MANUFACTURER in order to: Gain attention Enter new markets Create in-store Awareness

Build sales Obtain more shelf facings 5 PROMOTIONAL TIE-INS 6 4 Types of Traditional Promotion 3. ADVERTISING Companies PAY to promote ideas, goods or services NON-PERSONAL promotion ONE-WAY message

NO DIRECT interaction 7 6 Types of Advertising Media A. PRINT MEDIA includes newspapers, magazines, direct mail, signage, and billboards B. BROADCAST MEDIA includes television, product placement and radio C. INTERNET MEDIA includes website, social media and e-mail 8 6 Types of Advertising Media D. MOBILE MEDIA includes Web browsers and apps

E. SPECIALTY MEDIA includes giveaway items (pads of paper, pens, etc. imprinted with your businesss name, logo, and/or other message) F. SPONSORSHIPresources and services for purpose of being seen as a supporter of an organizations event, program or product offering 9 4 Types of Traditional Promotion 4. PERSONAL SELLING PAID sales

associates to interact with the stores customers Form of personal promotion since it relies on PERSON-TO-PERSON interaction Form of PAID promotion since sales associates are PAID for their work Effective if sales associates are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful so that customers leave with a positive impression of the business 10

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