Pressure Measurement

Pressure Measurement

Pressure Measurement PI I URVISH URVISH PI-I

Importance URVISH PI-I Pressure Safety

Achieve desired output URVISH PI-I Pressure

Pressure Pressure = Force/Area Units of force per unit area URVISH PI-I

Hydrostatic Pressure Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure in a liquid. The pressure increases as the depth in a liquid increases, due to its weight.

In term of equation, P = ghgh = density in kg/m3 g = acceleration due to gravity (9.8m/s2) h = depth in liquid in m

P = pressure in Pa Manometers

U tube Well Type Inclined Float Ring Balance Barometer

URVISH PI-I Manometers Barometer

URVISH PI-I Float type Mano Meter URVISH

PI-I Ring Balance Type Manometer URVISH PI-I

Types of Bourdon Tube C Type Spiral Helical URVISH

PI-I Bourdon tube URVISH PI-I

Spiral Bourdon element URVISH PI-I Bellows

URVISH PI-I Beam balance bellows sensor URVISH

PI-I Diaphragm Type URVISH PI-I

URVISH PI-I Actual Image of Diaphram URVISH

PI-I Electrical Pressure Sensors

LVDT type Strain gauge Piezo electric type Capacitance type. URVISH


LVDT type URVISH PI-I LVDT with Bellows

URVISH PI-I Strain gage Resistance URVISH

PI-I URVISH PI-I Strain gage

Strain gage is attached to a flexible membrane. When the membrane is deflected the resistance in the strain gage changes. URVISH PI-I

Strain gauge with diaphragm URVISH PI-I URVISH

PI-I Piezo electric Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress.

URVISH PI-I Piezo electric type Sensor Principles:

Pressure Charge Voltage Applications: measurements with high accuracy, good repeatability, high resolution. URVISH PI-I

Piezo electric Material

Quartz Cane sugar Rochelle salt Topaz Tourmaline Bone

URVISH PI-I Capacitance type URVISH


Wein Bridge URVISH PI-I Actual Transmitter (DPT) Differential Pressure Transmitter

URVISH PI-I Vacuum Sensors

Thermal Conductivity gauge Pirani Gauge Ionization Gauge McLeods gauge



Pirani Gauge URVISH PI-I Pirani Gauge



McLeod Gauge Formula P= KHH0(1-KH) URVISH PI-I P= measured

Pressure K = Constant H= Height difference in open column H0= Height above zero line closed column

Ionization Gauge Electrodes URVISH PI-I

Ionization Gauge It can be used to measure pressure down to about 2 torr. The gas is ionized with a beam of electrons and the current is measured between two electrodes in the gas. The current is proportional to the number of ions per unit volume, which also proportional to the gas pressure.

Optical Pressure Sensor URVISH PI-I Pressure Switch

NO / NC on SET Pressure URVISH PI-I Pressure Switch


Dead weight tester Application : To calibrate Pressure Gauges URVISH PI-I

Dead weight tester URVISH PI-I URVISH


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