Presentation Title - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Presentation Title - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Why Why Why would we want to increase female participation? Improve products Build the pipeline - innovation Economic Support Alphabet blocks Adeline D. T. Whitney 1882 Apgar tests, which evaluate a babys health upon birth Virginia Apgar 1952 Chocolate-chip cookies Ruth Wakefield

1930 Circular saw Tabitha Babbitt 1812 Dishwasher Josephine Cochran 1872 Disposable diaper Marion Donovan 1950 Electric hot water heater

Ida Forbes 1917 Engine muffler El Dorado Jones 1917 Fire escape Anna Connelly 1887 Ironing board Sarah Boone 1892 Globes

Ellen Fitz 1875 Life raft Maria Beaseley 1882 Liquid Paper, a quick-drying liquid used to correct mistakes printed on paper Bessie Nesmith 1951 Medical syringe Letitia Geer 1899

Rolling pin Catherine Deiner 1891 Scotchgard fabric protector Patsy O. Sherman 1956 Snugli baby carrier Ann Moore 1965 Street-cleaning machine Florence Parpart

1900 Windshield wiper Mary Anderson 1903 3 Why Whyarent arentmore moregirls girlschoosing choosingengineering? engineering? Here are some of the theories: girls arent interested they cant do math and science as well as boys they are opting out of

careers that utilize hard science What WhatififI Itold toldyou youits itsbecause because.they .theydont dontknow know what whatengineering engineering is? is? Examples Examples Engineers sit in a cubicle all day long You have to be an excellent math and science student

Its predominately a male field Nerd perception: pocket protectors, glasses with tape, antisocial Engineers like to get dirty 5 TV and society portrays engineering as a male field Dexters Laboratory Nerd perception Bill Nye the Science Guy Beakmans World Design Squad More Gender Friendly DragonFly TV Majority of girls assessed did not know the scope of what engineers do

Many dont choose careers in math-intensive fields because they want flexibility to raise children. (R&D Magazine (3/2009) eWeek Careers blog (3/4/09)- Many high-tech companies seeking skill sets of women who have left high paying careers to focus on raising families. Implementation of job-re-entry programs Women tend to prefer other fields of science that are less mathintensive (R&D Magazine (3/2009) (Girls are outperforming boys in math scores- NCLB data) Not encouraged by parents 6 Is Enjoyable How happy I will bewhats the point of doing something you dont like?

Provides a Good Working Environment If I cant interact with peopleI will probably quit the job. Will Allow Me to Make a Difference That I would make a difference in some way, you know, make my mark on the world. Earns a Good Income As shallow as it sounds, money is the one thing I have to consider when Im choosing a job. Im not going to do something that I know cant help me pay bills. Has Flexible Schedules My career cant consume all of my timeI need free time to do a lot of other thingsbefore I

die. 8 Change the message 9 To watch, click here. Source: 10 Before After TRADITIONAL TRADITIONALMETHOD METHOD Identification Identificationof ofstudents

students with withcapacity capacity and andaptitude aptitudeto toexcel excel ininengineering engineering Key Decision Making Times For Future Studies UPDATED UPDATEDMETHOD METHOD Introduce IntroduceEngineering Engineering

to toaaWider WiderAudience Audience At AtYounger YoungerAges Ages Elementary Elementary 77thth && 88thth graders graders th Late Late 11 11th,, early early 12th 12th From National Academy of Engineering

12 Encouraging Girls/Women into Nontraditional Career Pathways* Conduct targeted recruitment activities for girls and women Inform parents at the same time Signals that they are welcome and wanted in the program It helps to showcase the engineering coursework *Research supported strategy (Sheets, Lufkin, Stevens, 2003) 13 Welcome to the Focus Your Future Reception The reception idea Supported by the National Science Foundation Engineering Equity Extension Service project

Interview/visitations of schools with 30 to 50 % female enrollment Determine ideas that could be replicated Used current research on effective practices Built a reception in a bag to make it as easy as possible for busy teachers Reception vs. open house 15 16 16 Planning Team Reasons for Event Students Supportive Faculty School Counselor Reception

Parent Business Representative Develop budget Determine Agenda Agenda Creation Time Activity 6:30-7:15 Registration, Exhibit, Refreshments 7:15-7:20 Welcome & Introductions

7:20-7:35 PowerPoint Presentation 7:35-8:00 Speaker or Panel Presentation 8:00-8:15 Activity for Students & Parents 8:15-8:20 PLTW Course Registration 8:20-8:30 Questions & Answers 8:30-8:35 Evaluation Completion

18 Tips to Secure Speakers Work with partnership team or industry contacts to obtain referrals Former or current PLTW girls Local female engineers (SWE) College faculty Know what your speakers are going to say prepare them on messaging 19 Activity Selection Engineering is fun Determine Teams for Activity Activity Goal: Brainstorming, Problem Solving , Teaming Wrap Up I learned My favorite part was My plan is to

20 Identifying Girls to Attend Ask Adults who have influence Coaches Favorite Teachers Counselors Club/Organization Sponsors Youth Pastors Bring Bring aa Friend! Friend! Seek out female leaders of school social groups Art, Music, & Drama Teachers creativity, spatial skills 21 Invitations

Templates available for invitation in packet Size Recommended to Attend Bring a Friend RSVP Design Sports Equipment Design Musical Instruments Imagine New Products Design Theme Parks and Rides Save Lives

Enter Medical School Become Lawyers Become Presidents Become CEOs Make a Difference Change the World 23 Judy Lee To watch, click here. Source: 24 How to Solve problems How to Listen to

Write Technical others How to work in How to conduct information How to Speak in front of a group

Teams Research How to Analyze information Cope with failures and try again Improve previous work Manage Time to meet deadlines Have Fun!!! 26 Go GototoCBS CBSNews News66video. video. 1.1.Click

Clickon onthe thelink linkabove. above. 2.2.Login Loginas asaaGuest. Guest. 3.3.Scroll Scrolldown downtotoDiversity DiversityInitiatives. Initiatives. 4.4.Select SelectRecruiting. Recruiting. 5.5.Choose ChooseNews NewsChannel Channel66PLTW PLTWreport report2.2.

27 Can you think of a college major or a career where these attributes would NOT be valuable? PLTW classes can benefit almost every student! 28 Other Other Recruitment Recruitment Ideas Ideas Show ShowEYL EYLvideo videoclips clipson onschool schoolwide

wide video videoand andnews newschannel channel Students Studentspresent presentat atfeeder feederschool schoolfaculty faculty meeting meeting Set Setup updisplay displayin incafeteria cafeteria

Provide Provideopportunities opportunitiesfor forHS HSstudents studentsto to go goto toMiddle MiddleSchool Schooland andElementary Elementarygrades grades to topromote promoteSTEM STEMeducation educationwith with demonstrations

demonstrationsand andactivities activities Have Havestudents studentspresent presentat ataaPTA PTAmeeting meeting For Questions & Comments To download FYF packet go to the PLTW Virtual Academy Sign on as a guest Scroll down to Diversity Initiatives Select Recruiting Project Lead the Way ( Carolyn Helm ([email protected]) Diana Jensen-Dooling (ddooling[email protected])

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