Présentation PowerPoint - Free

Présentation PowerPoint - Free

LYCEE INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL LYCEE English section section English Tuesday, October 6th 2009 Strasbourg 1 The English English Section Section The One of the 6 International Sections (with German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Russian Sections) A strong academic and extracurricular programme

A unique opportunity to acquire a bilingual and bicultural education The results, and the track record of a lot of our alumni justify the Lyces reputation as one of the outstandingly successful schools in France. A preparation for further education with an extensive support system for university entrance (UCAS) Admissions: all candidates are given a written test in English and an oral interview 2 The students are enrolled in classes of different levels which meet their specific language needs: English Special (1 to 4) or English National based on their level of competence. National: for native or near-native students who are aiming at British or American examinations or the International

option of the French Baccalaurat. Work includes the extensive and intensive study of literature. Special: for non-native speakers who have attained a satisfactory level of competence and motivation. Courses are centred on the acquisition of language skills but students must be able to study works of a literary nature. A note on group changes: changes must be justified pedagogically, both language and history teachers have to agree. 3 English Special Language/ Literature History Seconde

4h/ week 2h/week Premire 4h/week 1h/ week (civilisation) Terminale 3h/ weekpreparation for the Baccalaurat Anglais LV1 + Langue de Complment as an option / 4 English National

Literature History Geography Seconde IGCSE 4h/week 2h/week 2h/week Premire OIB 4h/week 2h/week 2h/week

Terminale OIB 6h/week 3h/week 2h/week 5 IGCSE International General Certificate of Secondary Education At the end of 2nde (Year 11) National pupils take IGCSE examinations in English Literature and English Language Biology is optional 6

OPTION INTERNATIONALE DU BACCALAUREAT (OIB) General Open to students from the three sries of the French Baccalaureate: S, ES and L. The OIB examinations replace the traditional English and History/Geography examinations in the French Baccalaureate and are an integral part of the French Baccalaureate Moderated and supervised by the University of Cambridge A Level standards Higher "cofficients reward both the students bilingualism as well as the extra hours and hard work demanded by this very rigorous programme Our students have achieved a 100% success rate since the

foundation of the examination. 7 OPTION INTERNATIONALE DU BACCALAUREAT (OIB) English Literature and Language An experience of studying and appreciating literature A four hour written paper: essays on texts taken from a list covering the three genres - Drama, the Novel and Poetry; as well as an unseen exercise in Comparative Literature An oral, which lasts half an hour: a 15 minute commentary on an unseen passage taken from a Shakespeare play that they have studied, followed by a discussion of two other texts chosen from the list of texts 8 OPTION INTERNATIONALE DU BACCALAUREAT (OIB) History-Geography A four hour written paper: essay topic and document

study - in Twentieth Century World History (1945-1990) in World Geography - An oral, which lasts fifteen minutes and is conducted entirely in English: - five topics in History and five topics in Geography - a ten minute detailed presentation of one topic, selected at random, followed by a discussion 9 Nature and coefficients of the tests Language/Literature coefficient 10 in section L - 9 in ES - 9 in S The written test lasts four hours and comprises a choice of three essays. (coefficient 6 in L- 5 in ES-S). The oral test consists of a 30 minute interrogation after a 35 minute preparation on a number of works or texts. (Coefficient 4 in all sections). History/Geography

coefficient 8 in L - 9 in ES - 7 in S The written and oral tests are based on specific syllabi for Terminale. ( Coefficient 5 in L - 5 in ES - 4 in S). The oral exam consists of an interrogation after a 20 minute preparation on topics covered in the course. The candidate must answer in English. (Coefficient 4 in L - 4 in ES - 3 in S). 10 Examinations Cambridge English as a Foreign Language Examination: First Certificate in English Certificate in Advanced English Certificate of Proficiency in English IELTS : International English Language Testing System ( ) American Examinations :

- Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT) - Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Preparation classes for the Cambridge exams are offered to candidates (lunchtime classes at school) 11 European Language Portfolio A European Framework with common reference levels developed the Council of Europe Language competences described according to common criteria accepted throughout Europe To provide a record of the linguistic and cultural skills they have acquired

The European Language Portfolio project has two main aims: a) The pedagogic function - to enhance the motivation of the learners - to improve their ability to communicate - to reflect their objectives, ways of learning and success in language learningto learn autonomously b) The documentation and reporting function - to document its holder's language proficiency and experiences in other languages in a comprehensive, informative, transparent and reliable way. - There are many occasions to present a Language Portfolio (a transfer to another school, change to a higher educational sector, the beginning of a language course, a meeting with a career advisor, or an application for a new post. 12 Various Projects

Theater/Cinema outings The Cherry Orchard Performed by Terminale O.I.B. students (supervised by Mrs Woods): Nov. 27th -28th + November 2009 at the Munsterhof Poetry workshop and prize sponsored by The Rhine Valley Irish Association. (Seconde level This years theme: Colours) School trip and exchange with Indianapolis (Seconde Special 4) Terminale yearbook Various Exhibitions We are also very happy to welcome parents/ guest speakers to come to class and share a specific skill. 13

Useful Websites Information on the O.I.B(Asiba = Association des Sections Internationales Britanniques et Anglophones): /asiba/ Information on the IGCSE: University of Cambridge Exams: IELTS: HG Blogs: Various Wikis: British universities: Guardian university guide: 14 Alumni Track Record Feel free to contact our former students on the section Wiki (Alumni Corner)

Lee Strasberg Institute, Los Angeles University of Edinburgh University of Durham (Law) College of Europe, Bruges (EC Law) Double Degree (French, English and European Law: Strasbourg/Leicester, Crteil/Sheffield, Sorbonne, Paris / Kings College, London) Sciences Po Strasbourg, IEP Paris University of Sussex University of Wageningen

classe prpa ECE (commonly called "prpa HEC") - lyce Henri IV in Paris University of Bath Indiana University Oakland University (B.A. Political Science) The University of Michigan School of Diplomacy (B.A. Near Eastern Studies/M.A. Middle Eastern Studies & Energy Policy) U.S. State Department Student Trainee Diplomat and U.S. Citizen Ambassador Williams College, Massachusetts ,USA, BA (Bachelor of Arts) Notre Dame Law School, Indiana, USA, JD (Juris Doctor) Syracuse University The University of Texas at Austin - Major: Aerospace Engineering Masters and Bachelor in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA degree in physiotherapy in Manchester, UK BS in Management from Purdue University in USA MBA in Human Resources from Purdue University in USA l'Ecole Internationale de Commerce et Dveloppement 3A (Lyon, France) 15 Picture Gallery 17

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