Présentation PowerPoint - AQICESH

Présentation PowerPoint - AQICESH

The legislative and governmental framework in Qubec By Anne Hbert Executive Director Office des personnes handicapes du Qubec 20th Anniversary Symposium of the AQICESH Experience-innovation-inclusion Background

In 1976: Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms Prohibits all forms of discrimination based on a handicap or the use of any means to palliate a handicap. In 1978: Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights Development of an array of programs and services to foster the social, school and workplace integration of people with disabilities.

Modernization of the Act In 2004: Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights with a view to achieving social, school and workplace integration Ascribes greater importance to making all social stakeholders, public and private alike, responsible with regard to issues related to the social participation of people with disabilities. Modernizes the definition of a person with a disability. The impact of the environment as aiding or hindering social participation is

taken into account. Conceptual basis: Disability Creation Process (INDCP). Assigns new obligations and responsibilities to government departments and agencies and municipalities. Action plans Obligation for government departments and agencies that employ at least 50 people and for Qubec municipalities with at least 15,000 inhabitants to produce annual action plans regarding people with disabilities.

Preferred means for identifying and reducing the barriers that people with disabilities face, especially in the area of education. A far-reaching government policy In 2009: Equals in Every Respect Policy Framework for government action. 13 outcomes to achieve by 2019, including greater participation of students with disabilities at every level of instruction, in conditions equivalent to those of other students.

The Office is mandated to monitor implementation of this policy and assess its effectiveness. Role of the Office The Office contributes to increasing the social participation of people with disabilities through a unique combination of functions: coordination/joint action; evaluation/research; support and advice regarding any subject impacting the social

participation of people with disabilities; direct services to people with disabilities. Significant progress Over the past 40 years, significant progress has been made in terms of the social participation of people with disabilities. The number of students with disabilities attending university has increased: 1,700 in 2003 vs. 5,000 in 2012.

Issues to monitor Increased school attendance by students with disabilities Emerging client populations (mental health disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities or attention deficit) are increasingly represented.

Invitation to review services and service organization for students with disabilities and students with special needs. Are we currently able to respond adequately to the accommodation requests concerning them? To what extent can we do this and how?

Eligibility for financial assistance programs and support services Evolution of the client population with special needs and varied situations. Importance of harmonizing the eligibility conditions for the different financial assistance and support programs for students recognized as people with disabilities within the meaning of the Act. Importance of seeking appropriate solutions for the other students with special needs.

Transitions The transition from secondary school to postsecondary studies Particular monitoring and a concern shared by all the intervenors concerned. Transition towards the labour market Gap between the support measures offered for studies versus those available on the job for people with disabilities with an ongoing need for support.

Conclusion The social participation of people with disabilitieswork that needs to continue and that calls for innovation: Document the issues thoroughly; Test and share best practices; Seek better solutions in cooperation with the players concerned.

Thank you! Office de personnes handicapes du Qubec

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