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Test Anxiety University Advising Services Symptoms of Test Anxiety

Headaches Feeling nauseous Loss of appetite Muscle tenseness Symptoms of Test Anxiety

Rapid heart beat Sweaty hands Inability to rest well the night before Inability to focus

Possible Reasons for Test Anxiety Performance anxiety Lack of preparation Poor study habits Possible Reasons for Test Anxiety

Setting unrealistic goals Outside pressures from others Fear of failure Worrying about the future

Possible Triggers for Test Anxiety Talking to other students right before the test Receiving a test in a format or length you were not expecting Possible Triggers for Test Anxiety

Other students turning in the test in a short period of time Distractions in the testing room Remedies for Test Anxiety Be Attentive to Basic Needs

Get plenty of exercise Take care of physical needs Get plenty of sleep Eat something before the test avoid caffeine Dress in layers Learn Positive Self Talk

I CAN do this! I AM going to pass this It doesnt matter if I make a mistake

This one test is not everything and it does not define who I am I will relax, recall what I studied and do the best I can Remedy the Anxiety Come to the testing room ten minutes

early Sit down and relax Write down your fears Remedy the Anxiety Before the test begins: Sit in your chair (desk) in a good posture position Slowly inhale through your nose

As you inhale, first fill the lower section of your lungs and work your way up to the upper part of your lungs Hold your breath for a few seconds Exhale slowly through your mouth Get Help The University of North Alabama has resources to help you:

Contact University Student Counseling Services at References Downing, S. 2008. On course: Strategies for creating success in college and in life. 5th edition. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. Walther, D. R. 1994. Toolkit for college success. Belmont,

CA: Wadsworth Publishing Company Berman, J. 2011. Voice of America. Retrieved January 20, 2011 from For More Information Contact: Dr. Matt Price Learning Support Coordinator/Academic Advisor

University of North Alabama 220 The Commons 256-765-5949 [email protected]

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