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Spanish FIEM Fund Index 1 2 3 4 Official financial instruments to support the internationalization of Spanish companies FIEM: basic characteristics financial conditions Examples of FIEM projects

Contacts 1.- Official financial instruments to support the internationalization of Spanish companies 1 Equity and quasi-equity 2 Credit


2.-FIEM | BASIC CHARACTERISTICS Supports: exports of goods and services direct investment Origin in FAD (FIEM since January 2011), improved and extended Subject to the Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits (OECD Consensus) Approval: FIEM Committee. Council of Ministers Financial Agent: ICO 2.-FIEM | BASIC CHARACTERISTICS

Contractors: Spanish companies (wide interpretation) Beneficiaries: Non-resident

public or private entities Guarantees: Sovereign, sub-sovereign, private, project finance... Excluded sectors: Health, basic education and defense, paramilitary and police equipment Eligible countries: case-by-case basis 2.-FIEM | TARGET COUNTRIES IN 2017

In America: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, United States, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. In Asia and Oceania: Bangladesh, China, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Viet Nam. In Sub-Saharan Africa: Aouth Africa and Kenya. In Middle East: Countries from the Gulf Cooperation Council Bahrein, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates -, Israel e Iran. Mediterranean countries: Morocco, Turkey y Egypt. HIPC countries: Cte dIvoire, Senegal, Ruanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Madagascar y Tanzania TOTAL: 39 COUNTRIES (The listed countries are merely indicative)

2.-FIEM | Financial Conditions Financing in commercial terms Interest rate: CIRR + CESCE equivalent premium Funding limits established by OECD consensus Repayment terms: up to 8.5 years for developed countries. Upper limits for certain sectors OECD Commercial interest rate CIRR (monthly validity) CIRR rates currently valid (15 May. - 14 June 2017): 2.-FIEM | Financial Conditions Tied concessional (soft) financial support Restricted to lower-middle income

countries according to World Bank's classification Minimum Concessionality level (grant element): 35% Least developed countries (LDCs): 50% minimum HIPC countries: Financing is possible, but exceptional Special Financing lines for studies: EVATIC 2.-FIEM | Financial Conditions

Senior debt, FIEM does not participate in equity Independent analysis (due diligence) Guarantees for the operation: Country Public or Private debtor Project (project finance) Currency: Mainly Euro or USD (the law allows exceptionally other currencies)

2.-FIEM | Credit Lines Credit line in commercial terms for small investment or export projects:

Credit line FIEM-Facilidades UE: Endowment: 50 millions Maximum size of the financed project: 3 millions

Currency: euro or dollar Approval: FIEM Committee Special conditions: (Maximum repayment terms 8 years, minimum rate required CC3 for CESCE or C+ for COFIDES, HIPC excluded) Endowment: 50 millions Maximum amount of credit financed by FIEM (in general) 30 millions Multicounty credit line Untied credit Co-financed with EU (Blending) Public or private beneficiary EVATIC line:

Repayable credit for technical assistance, engineering and consulting services Currency: euro or dollar Balance 2011 2016 The total amount of FIEM credits approved in the period amounts to 1.378 million (in blue) The value of the contracts linked to these funding amounts to 3.049 million (in green) Index

3 Examples of FIEM projects 3.-PROJECTS Sadara Petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia Exporter: Tcnicas Reunidas - Participation in the construction of 3 petrochemical plants in JIC (Jubail Industrial City), the largest industrial center in Middle East - FIEM Credit: 300 million USD with Project Finance guarantee 3.- PROJECTS CERCIKAYA IN TURKEY - Exporter: Acciona Windpower - Full supply of turbines for a wind farm of 57 MW in the region of Cercikaya in Turkey - FIEM credit: 19 million EUR

3.-PROJECTS CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPMENT OF THREE LABORATORIES QUALITY CONTROL OF FISHERY PRODUCTS IN KENYA Engineering and building equipment and training of personnel involved in the production and handling of fish and laboratory Contract between MAKIBER and Kenyan Ministry of Fisheries. Sovereign guarantee Concessional financing: 5.7 million 3.-PROJECTS DRIVING SIMULATOR FOR DRIVING SCHOOLS IN BRAZIL -

FIEM Credit of 32 M. Bank financing of 14,4M - Project Finance Guarantee and additional ones such as: - - Corporate Guarantee from Everis Spain S.L.U. -

Pledge on the income of Pro simulador - Driving simulators as guarantee to mitigate the risk of Exchange rate . Key element of the Demand Analysis: the use of the driving simulators is compulsory according to Brasilian law 3.-PROJECTS CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF A GAS PIPELINE IN MEXICO

Debtor: Pipeline of Morelos (SPV composed by Elecnor, Elecnor Mxico and Enags) FIEM Credit of 50 M de $ Contract awarded by International Tender Contracts: Gas transport with the Federal Electricity Commission, Interconnection with PEMEX, Construction with Elecnor Mxico, O&M with Elecnor y Enags

3.-Projects PLASTIC INJECTION FACTORY FOR PRODUCING HANGERS AND AUTOMOBILE COMPONENTS IN INDIA Developer: Plsticos Erum, SME leader in the manufacture of hangers Clients: INDITEX, H&M, El Corte Ingls, Decathlon, Carrefour, Hugo Boss etc. Investment of 1.282.125 Index 4 Contacts Contacts Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness Paseo de la Castellana, 162

28046, Madrid, Espaa Deputy Directorate for Financial Development for Internationalization. [email protected] Deputy Directorate for Trade Policy for Mediterranean Countries, Africa and the Middle East. [email protected] Deputy Directorate for Trade Policy for South America and North America countries. [email protected] Deputy Directorate for Trade Policy for Europe and Asia Pacific.

[email protected] Deputy Directorate for Trade Policy for Europe and industrial products. [email protected] THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION

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