Preparing for Fire Season - University of Montana

Preparing for Fire Season - University of Montana

Preparing for Fire Season Tuesday, May 6, 2014 1330 - 1400 How to get out on a fire assignment as READ: Be qualified as a Resource Advisor (READ)

Meet physical fitness requirement may be governed by Home Unit line officers and Forest Supervisor

Have current Red Card!! Agency Standards Qualifications - Required Position considered a technical specialist, with READ as ICS

position READ described in 310-1 Supplemental (2014 page 110) Recommendations in the 2004 NWCG Resource Advisor Guide Qualifications Recommended!! Minimum under IQCS: Attend N-9042 READ training

Take IS 100 Intro to ICS & IS 700 National Incident Management System, an Introduction Attend RT-130 Annual Fire Line Safety Refresher Attend Annual READ Refresher Escorted vs. non-escorted line qualification

Escorted vs. Non-escorted Escorted (Light WCT): No need for any additional classes (ie S130/ S190) Must be accompanied by a single resource boss Non-escorted (Moderate/Arduous WCT): Must have S130 Firefighter Training/S190 Intro to Wildland Fire Behavior

Annual safety refresher Adequate communications Your Availability Options are local, regional (Geographic Area Coordination Center) or national Some variations in process between

units so ask your FMO The Resource Advisors Tool Kit Basic Line Gear Standard PPE, including fire shelter and

radio. Copy of Incidents WFDSS decision Daily Incident Action Plan and MAPS MIST Guidelines & Fire Line Handbook (IRPG). Flagging & felt tip markers. GPS unit and Camera Nametag.

Always carry a firefighting tool. Additional Equipment Lap top computer Resource maps with critical protection areas delineated Fire Suppression Rehab Plan for your fire

on disk. MIST on disk Rehabilitation standards on disk Resource Advisors Role Be specific and hands-on as an advisor. Be realistic, flexible. Be available!! Expect long hours. Know the equipment you will be managing

in the rehabilitation efforts. The more you know about the specific area, the more effective youll be to the Agency Administrator, the IMT and the resource. end

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