RESILIENCE STRESS & RESILIENCE Goals Get an insight into stress and burn-out How to face reality How to cope with stress and failure Living well, a healthy lifestyle EUROPARTNERS 2 Stress versus Pressure

Pressure Pressure comes from without; a challenge in the form of a project or a situation It stimulates so that we can accomplish more than what at first seems possible. Stress Stress comes from within; it is the pressure that we put on ourselves. This leads to frustration or even a sense of hopelessness. Pressure motivates, stress drains and smothers. EUROPARTNERS 3

Stress versus Pressure Performance Optimal Performance Exhausted Mistakes and errors Confused and rushed Time

EUROPARTNERS 4 Character and Ambition Gap? Character, duty and ambition, calls and demands Skills, competencies, talents, energy (ageing) There is a need for contentment EUROPARTNERS

Burn-out Reasons for Stress Emotional overload Lack of control Lack of praise Poor working environment, conflicts and bad relationships Injustice Conflict in values and personal convictions Bad personal circumstances, trouble at home and in the family, a demanding job EUROPARTNERS

6 To Face Reality Physical symptoms Headaches, stomach aches, stomach complaints, heartburn Shortness of breath or hyperventilation

Sweaty and shaky hands Back complaints, neck and shoulder complaints Chronic fatigue, trouble getting up in the morning Heart palpitations EUROPARTNERS

7 Facing Reality Changes in behaviour: Increase of alcohol use Use of drugs Smoking more than usual Nail biting Excessive eating Poor appetite Lack or increase of sexual desire EUROPARTNERS

8 To Face Reality Emotional changes: More irritable Restlessness, lack of concentration Dreading work tasks, shifting and postponing appointments Less sociable, less communicative Angry, taking your frustration out on others Low-spirited, depressed EUROPARTNERS 9

Small Group Discussion What do you recognize? How can we reduce absenteeism due to workplace stress? What are your stress indicators? EUROPARTNERS 10 Resilience 1. Accepting your personality and who you are 2. A healthy lifestyle 3. Positive relationships

4. Beneficial rhythm 5. Working in the right place 6. Feeling, meaning and purpose and being able to contribute (next time) EUROPARTNERS 11 Internal Conflicts and Dialogue My downsides These are there, but I dont allow them to be in my life

Me, How I want to be How I want to see me I feel ashamed and try to hide them but these are also needs My standard, and therefore also my self judgement These are coming from my: upbringing

experience culture convictions peers/friends 12 Example Need for Your judgement You act

Feeling at ease No one can be trusted Independent, control Relaxation time Laziness Keep working Conflict

Quarrelling/brawling Harmony Justice You are not allowed to Strong and suffer blame someone else (feel a victim)

Haughtiness Inferiority Praise 13 Shame Is about judgement and rejection We see and we are seen Knowing and loving cannot be combined It is personal and painful and we feel inferior Inwardly

We would like to put it away, to hide it, keep it at a distance We would like to destroy it, make sure it is not there But when it is me, you decide to destroy a part of yourself 14 Central Discussion 15 Working time What do you recognize? Where do you reject yourself? Make a table with two columns:

on the right your virtues and on the left your vices What do you feel most ashamed of? - What are you constantly trying to avoid? - How can you take this on board and build it in to your life? Are there other things from the past that sometimes determine your feelings and behaviour? EUROPARTNERS 16 Small Group Discussion Talk about it in your small group and share your answers and thoughts

EUROPARTNERS 17 Discipline and a Healthy Lifestyle Sleep Nutrition Sport and training Silence, times of reflection (and prayer) EUROPARTNERS 18

Positive Relationships Clear identity Being known and loved Being able to love EUROPARTNERS 19 Life from a Beneficial Rhythm Start on time Do things at the right time Stop on time, take breaks Focus on the work itself and not on finishing it

Be open and friendly Bless everyone in your thinking, speaking and working Take the seasons of life into account EUROPARTNERS 20 Working in the Right Place Personality strengths Talents and competencies

The right working place Values and convictions EUROPARTNERS Inspiring and positive environment 21 Small Group Discussion

What touched you the most in this session and why? Does your lifestyle help you to be resilient? What are your energy levels like during the day? What ways do you bless and love people? Are you working in the right place? What opportunities do you have to make a change? EUROPARTNERS 22 Central Feedback EUROPARTNERS

23 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Next time: Meaning and Success EUROPARTNERS www.europartners.org

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