The Status of Vermont Forest Birds, 1989-2013 25

The Status of Vermont Forest Birds, 1989-2013 25

The Status of Vermont Forest Birds, 1989-2013 25 Years of the Vermont Forest Bird Monitoring Program Steve D. Faccio John D. Lloyd Chris C. Rimmer Ecosystem Services Pollination Pest Control Seed Dispersal

Nutrient Cycling Whelan et al. 2015. Why birds matter: from economic ornithology to ecosystem services. J. Ornithol. Vermont Forest Bird Monitoring Program Study Area & Field Methods Initiated in 1989 11 study sites 2012 31 study sites Interior forest, unmanaged stands Site = 5 survey points, ~200 m apart 10-minute point counts conducted annually by skilled birders Analytical Methods 25-year Population Trend Estimates

Developed mixed-effect models in program R -Response Variable = Count -Fixed Effect = Year -Observer and Site included as random effects. Species included in analysis if: Count >100 and number of Sites >5 Results Analyzed 2,464 point counts Detected 32,381 birds of 125 species Mean = 13.14 (+ 0.05 SE) birds/point Modeled trends for 34 species and 13 guilds 8 species increased significantly

13 species decreased significantly 13 species non-significant 2 guilds increased significantly 7 guilds decreased significantly 4 guilds non-significant The Good News Red-eyed Vireo Annual Trend = 0.60% (SE 0.003) P = 0.049 Black-throated Green Warbler Annual Trend = 1.90% (SE 0.004) P = 0.00001

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Annual Change = 1.33% (SE 0.005) P Annual = 0.015 Trend = 3.82% (SE 0.005) P < 0.00000001 Ovenbird Annual Trend = 1.86% (SE 0.003) P < 0.000001 Among the most-abundant, widely-distributed, and easily-detected species on our surveys Occupy different habitats and ecological niches Red-eyed Vireo interior forest; canopy forager

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker second growth/forest edge; bark prober Black-throated Green Warbler mature mixed forest; canopy forager Ovenbird mature deciduous forest; ground forager Listed as species of Regional Conservation Concern by Partners in Flight (PIF) The Bad News Eastern Wood-Pewee Annual Trend = -1.76% (SE 0.005) P = 0.0001 Aerial Insectivores PIF Regional Concern

Downy Woodpecker Annual Trend = -3.35% (SE 0.008) P = 0.00002 Annual Trend = -2.46% (SE 0.003) P < 0.000000 Alder Flycatcher Great Crested Flycatcher Swift Annual Trend =Chimney -4.50% (SE 0.007) P < 0.000000 Eastern

Kingbird Eastern Phoebe Eastern Wood-Pewee Great Crested Flycatcher Least Flycatcher Olive-sided Flycatcher Tree Swallow Willow Flycatcher Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Blue Jay Annual Trend = -1.97% (SE 0.005) P = 0.0002 Veery White-throated Sparrow

Annual Trend = -2.14% (SE 0.005) P = 0.000005 Annual Trend = -3.99% (SE 0.007) P < 0.000000 PIF Regional Concern Common Yellowthroat PIF Regional Concern Annual Trend = -6.30% (SE 0.007) P < 0.000000 Canada Warbler PIF Regional Concern

VT High Priority SGCN Annual Trend = -5.10% (SE 0.009) P < 0.000000 Blackburnian Warbler Winter Wren PIF Regional Concern PIF Regional Concern Annual Trend = -1.73% (SE 0.007) P = 0.014 Annual Trend = -1.82% (SE 0.005) P = 0.0003

Yellow-rumped Warbler 5 of 7 nest and feed on or near the ground. Annual Trend = -4.49% (SE 0.007) P < 0.000000 Summary 24% (n=8) of species increased 63% (n=5) are PIF Priority 50% (n=4) are Neotropical migrants 38% (n=13) species declined 46% (n=6) are PIF Priority 62% (n=8) are Neotropical migrants

Summary West Nile Virus may be affecting some species High proportion of forested-wetland birds declining, 70% ground- or shrub-nesters/feeders Change in understory structure? High-risk habitat for WNV? Funding for 25-year Analysis Davis Conservation Foundation Lintilhac Foundation William P. Wharton Trust

Private Donors Many Thanks to Our Birders! Carl Anderson Jayson Benoit Ken Benton Tom Berriman Bobbie Booth Ernie Buford Bridget Butler Bill Calfee Dwight Cargill Sarah Carline Brendan Collins Ken Cox Jason Crooks Chip Darmstadt

Walter Ellison Brett Engstrom Steve Faccio Ted Gaine Hector Galbraith Mary Gaudette Jim Graves Scott Hall Eric Hanson Robert Heiser Tait Johansson Barry King Warren King Mark LaBarr Liz Lackey Sally Laughlin

Sean MacFaden Everett Marshall Nancy Martin Tom Moran Doug Morin Scott Morrical Gregg Moxhay Terry Oughton Ron Payne Judy Peterson Bryan Pfeiffer Roy Pilcher Alan Quackenbush Charlie Rabatin Craig Reiser

Rosalind Renfrew Heidi Rich Zoe Richards Chris Rimmer Betty Rist Sue Staats Ruth Stewart Matt Stone Ned Swanberg Michael Sweatman Allon Wildgust Paul Wilson Ian Worley Bob Wright

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