The GAA Club Development Plan Sharing Experience and

The GAA Club Development Plan Sharing Experience and

The GAA Club Development Plan Sharing Experience and Best Practice We Will Address. What is a GAA Club Development Plan Why bother?

Experience of the Clubs that have prepared Club Development Plans: Donaghmore St Patricks Bredagh Kildress Faughanvale Lessons and Best Practice Tools to support you to lead the

Club Development Planning Process What is a GAA Club Development Plan? Process which asks your members four basic questions: Where are we now? Where do we want to be?

How will we get there? How will we know? Five Year View Finishes with a written plan Where Are We Now? Wider context: County Strategy/Provincial Strategy

Local authority provision Population Schools Other attractions and provision Club perspective: Membership profile Teams Coaching numbers and capability Cultural provision

Health and wellbeing Finances and assets(land, club rooms and playing surfaces) Policies and processes Where Do We Want To Be? Vision and mission Aims

Targets for each part of our GAA ethos and activities How Will We Get There? Coaching and participation activities Promoting Gaelic culture and values Investing in our assets Developing the how:

Policies Training Processes Action Plans How Will We Know? Deciding what to measure Deciding how to measure it: Numbers of people

Coaching awards Team results Finances Appointing responsibility Why Bother? Because we are only looking after the clubhand it on better that we got it whilst retaining core values

Its at the core of good governance Shares the vision and buys all members into it Shares the workloadand values all of the tasks/duties Provides not only the destination but also the map Because funders may ask for it

Experience of Donaghmore St Patricks. Preparing to undertake a major club investment in indoor sports and cultural facilities Expected to be asked for it.SNI Takes time and needs a small and dedicated team to refine and drive the process Consultation with our spectrum of volunteers: Broad membership

Players Committee And with stakeholders: Schools Playgroup Youth club Community organisations Ulster Council County Board

Lessons.. There is no quick fixit is a process Good process to get new volunteers involved Helps to integrate a varied range of activities and interests Provides targets and ensures that things dont drift

Dont be afraid to let people have their say Be realistic You wont get it right first might be five years but it could/should be reviewed earlier if appropriate Beg steal and borrow.its in our genes (its what today is about) Resources

Club Maith Templates on the Ulster Council Web site Sample Plans Templates Provided Today Question and Answer Thank you

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