welcome to the first annual Postdoc Orientation September

welcome to the first annual Postdoc Orientation September

welcome to the first annual Postdoc Orientation September 19, 2017 Agenda 3:00-3:15 (Dean Jerry McMurtry) - the Postdoc Office: a brand-new entity sponsored by COGS and ORED 3:15-3:35 (Anahi Espindola, Kara Yedinak, Mariana Dobre, Jessica Lee) - the Postdoc Association: what we've got so far and what we want it to become 3:35-3:45 (Yvonne Nyavor) - the Professional Development Initiative: year-round programming to help grad students and postdocs succeed in their careers 3:45-3:55 (Kent Nelson) - from the Office of the General Counsel:

legal responsibilities of postdocs who supervise students ~ short break ~ 4:00-4:10 (Andrew Schaffer) - the Career Services Center: helping postdocs get jobs 4:10-4:30 (Nancy Holmes) - resources for research funding applications, from the Offices of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Research and Economic Development 4:30-4:40 (Barbara Beatty) - the Ombuds Office: help with communication and conflict resolution in the workplace 4:40-5:00 (Arlette Jameson) - how to make the most of Benefits Services Who we are 66 Postdoctoral Fellows 6 Research Associates

College of Agricultural and Life Science Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology Entomology, Plant Pathology & Nematology Food Science Plant Sciences Soil & Water Systems College of Science Biological Sciences Chemistry Statistics Geography Mathematics

College of Natural Resources College of Engineering Chemical & Materials Engineering Center for Ecohydraulics Research Electrical & Computer Engineering Mechanical Engineering National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Fisheries Unit Forest, Rangeland & Fire Sciences Natural Resources and Society Intermountain Forest Tree Nutrition Cooperative

Wildlife Resources Who we are One year ago, when 19 postdocs took our survey... What weve been doing (All of it independently) Activities: communicating via [email protected] listserv monthly breakfasts grad student mentoring program professional development workshop Building for the future:

connecting to each other understanding our demographics evaluating our needs What were creating The Postdoc Office by the administration, for postdocs College of Graduate Studies + Office of Research & Economic Development The Postdoc Association (UIPDA) by us, for us Where the UIPDA fits in (nationally) www.nationalpostdoc.org

Thanks to UI, you can join the National Postdoctoral Association for free! Sign up as an affiliate member and provide your @uidaho.edu email address What we want the UIPDA to do Communication a systematic way to connect all postdocs and research associates Social interaction regular breakfasts and happy hours; special events Orientation resources to help us navigate working life at UI Service mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students

Professional development workshops; postdoc seminar series Participation in UI decision-making a seat on faculty senate? Mentorship postdoc mentoring plans, a faculty advisor for UIPDA, avenues for advocacy The official stuff that University recognition could give us website, channels for advertising, access to contact info, funding, space reservations peaking of mentoring students... Two programs are currently recruiting postdocs to share your hard-won wisdom: COGS Graduate Student Fellowship

Support Program seeking Partnering Reviewers to offer feedback on grad students funding applications contact Brenda Hanley, [email protected] Professional Development Initiative seeking panelists for Q&A sessions on time management and on becoming and being a postdoc contact Yvonne Nyavor, [email protected] (or in person today!) We are writing Bylaws! Heres a summary of the articles: I. Definition of a postdoc an individual holding a doctoral degree who is engaged in a temporary

period of mentored research and/or scholarly training for the purpose of acquiring scholarly, scientific, and/or professional skills needed to pursue a career path of his or her choosing. II. Name, Purpose, Activities Main purposes: a) to provide representation and a collective voice to address the needs and concerns of postdocs as well as to act as a liaison between postdocs and the administration of University of Idaho; b) to promote academic and career goals of postdocs; c) to promote interaction among UI postdocs on an academic, social and cultural basis, as well as to disseminate information relevant to postdocs; d) to provide opportunities for postdocs to serve the UI community, with a focus on mentorship of graduate students.

III. Membership and officers Members: all postdocs employed at UI are automatically members Officers: 2 Co-chairs, 1 secretary-treasurer, <6 members-at-large We want YOU! We need help with getting UIPDA up and running. Well also need help running it! Meet cool people Develop leadership skills Design the activities that YOU want Have a voice in decision-making at UI Take a break from research - Serve the future of science by serving your fellow postdocs Talk to Anahi, Mariana, Kara or Jessica. And please fill out our questionnaire! dont miss the first

UI Postdoc Happy Monday, September 25 Hour 5:00-7:00pm Rants & Raves Brewery 308 N. St. are more than Friends, family,Jackson and colleagues welcome! RSVP (if you can) online (well send a survey by email soon)

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