STAAR Parent Information Night Alicia Leung (Campus Testing

STAAR Parent Information Night Alicia Leung (Campus Testing

STAAR Parent Information Night Alicia Leung (Campus Testing Coordinator) Marcy Rose-Moehnke (Reading/LA Instructional Coach) Melanie Zeller (Math/Science Instructional Coach) Texas Education Agency (TEA) Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS),

which are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do For grades 38, STAAR tests are in: 38 mathematics 38 reading 4 and 7 writing 5 and 8 science 8 social studies STAAR, STAAR Accommodated (online), STAAR ALT 2 SSI: Student Success Initiative

Students in 5th grade must perform successfully on STAAR reading and math in order to advance to the next grade level. Students will have two opportunities to pass STAAR reading during the regular school year, and one opportunity during the summer. SSI Accelerated Instruction Prior to 2nd administration SSI STAAR summer clinic Kathi Walker, Shafers SSI Coordinator Texas Education Code, Section

26.010. EXEMPTION FROM INSTRUCTION STAAR Dates Tuesday, March 28 Wednesd ay, March 29 Monday, May 8 Tuesday, May 9 Wednesd

ay, May 10 Grade 4 Writing Grade 5 Reading Grade 3 Math Grade 3 Reading Grade 5 Science Grade 4

Math Grade 4 Reading Grade 5 Math (retest) Grade 5 Reading (retest) Grade 5 Math Updated STAAR Information Test results may not be available until MidJune

Parent-Student Portal State Assessment website HB 743 STAAR assessments are designed so that 85% of students can be completed in 2 hours (elementary) and 3 hours (junior high). Time limit for STAAR 3-8 is still 4 hours. How are we preparing students in Math?

Exemplars Envision Extension Problem Solvers Identifying common errors Focus on multiple strategies Encourage math conversations and number talks Small Group Instruction across subject areas Enrichment Learning Time(ELT) instruction is based on student needs Questions Look Like?

3 Grade Math rd STAAR Randy and Zack are arguing about their teams final score. Randy says that he made 12 baskets and earned the team 22 points. Zack says that Randys 22 points came from scoring 11 baskets. Which boy is correct, and why? A. Randy is correct because each basket is worth 2 points and 12 2 = 22. B. Zack is correct because each basket is worth 3 points and 11 3 = 22. C. Randy is correct because each basket is worth 3 points and 12 3 = 22. D. Zack is correct because each basket is worth 2 points and 11 2 = 22.

4 Grade Math th STAAR The 48 students of Adams Elementary Schools fourth grade class are taking a snack break during their field trip. Each student will receive one cup of apple juice on break. How many gallons of juice will be needed so that each student can drink one cup? F. 3 gallons G. 6 gallons H. 12 gallons J. 16 gallons 5 Grade Math th STAAR

Mr. Bundy wants to buy enough cat food to feed his cat for 60 days. His cat eats 100 grams of food 3 times a day. How many kilograms of cat food should he buy? F. 1.8 kilograms G. 6 kilograms H. 18 kilograms J. 60 kilograms Reading and Writing Grades 3,4 and 5 reading tests are comprised of multiple passages from various genres such as fiction ,non-fiction, folktales, procedural text and poetry. 4th and 5th may also see drama (plays), persuasive text, and biography /autobiography. In

4th and 5th, 2-3 passages of different genres can be compared to each other. 4th grade writing STAAR is comprised of two parts. There is a revise and edit section (multiple choice) and an expository essay where the student is given a prompt, asked to plan, prewrite, revise and then complete a final essay within the given amount of lines. How are we preparing students in Language Arts?

Exemplars in writing Small Group Instruction that focuses on the structure and development of expository writing Small Group Instruction that focuses on revising and editing based on student need Identifying common errors Focus on strategies when reading articles and passages Read Alouds that require deep thinking about characters, theme and conflict across multiple genres. Stamina Stacks to build schema and fortitude. Enrichment Learning Time(ELT)instruction is based on student needs

Questions Look Like? Context clues STAAR- like example grade 3 poem Read line 14 from the poem. Another bird joined, their song now a duet, What does the word duet mean? A. Whistle and chirp B. A song sung by two C. A bird flying in the air D. Flat and unpleasant sounding STAAR- like example grade 4 drama In line 25 of the play, Peter says that Hilda may be running out of steam. Peter means that Hilda seems to beA. passing Gretel B. winning the race

C. losing her energy D. tripping on the ice STAAR-like example grade 5 fiction In paragraph 6 of the passage, the word proximity relates to A. behavior B. danger C. friendship D. location Non-fiction Text Features STAAR-like example grade 3 Based on the caption for Figure 2, the reader can tell that Newcomen isA. a certain type of steam engine B. the place the steam engine was built C. the name of the company that built the steam engine D. the name of the railroad company that ran the first steam engine. STAAR-like example grade 4 Look at the information in the Ingredients and Materials section of the passage.

A person who makes cake-batter fudge will needA. cooking oil B. two mixing bowls C. several large spoons D. a set of measuring cups STAAR-like example grade 5 Based on information in the timeline, what event caused Carnegie and his family to flee Scotland? A. Union Army drafts B. Beginning of World War I C. Formation of the Carnegie Steel Company D. Founding of the Keystone telegraph Company Summary STAAR-like example grade 3 fable Which is the best summary of the story? A. The Hare makes fun of the Tortoise for challenging him to a race. But he agrees to race him, and a route is decided upon. The Hare decides to take a nap near a barn.

B. The tortoise plans a race with the Hare. The Tortoise walks slowly and steadily down a path until he sees the Hare sleeping. He continues on his way without waking the Hare. C. After bragging about his speed to his friends, the Hare agrees to race the tortoise. When they start out, the Hare is in the lead. But as the Hare naps, the Tortoise gains the lead and wins the race. D. The Hare brags to other animals that no one could ever beat him in a race. The Tortoise quietly challenges the Hare. The Hare thinks the Tortoise is joking and tells him he could dance around him to the finish line. Summary STAAR-like example grade 4 poem And butterflies with gauzy wings; And herds of cows and flocks of sheep; According to the poem, butterflies, cows, and sheep are things a personA. likes to draw B. fears the most C. sees in dreams D. has never seen

STAAR-like example grade 5-fiction Which sentence provides the best summary of the story? A. A students brother and friend help him complete an assignment. B. Two students disagree about how to work on a school assignment. C. A student skips a school assignment because he doesnt understand it. Strategy Example STAAR Testing at FPSE STAAR Testing at FPSE

8:30: pick up for small groups 8:40: tests are handed out 9:00: testing begins 4 hours to test Clock stops for lunch, medical breaks, emergencies

Make Up Testing Days Answer Document Booklets Mathematics chart Graph paper Test Administrator

Bathroom Monitor No Specials Recess at the end of the day Snack & Water Bottle while Testing Helpful Tips for STAAR Testing Days Before Testing Days Visualization: have a conversation with your child about what the day will look like Get a good night's sleep. Self-Talk: give your child a few phrases that can motivate him/her "I just need to do my best!" "I can

do it." "Stay cool." Answer any fears or questions your child might have Prepare your childs snacks, pencils, clothes, etc. the night before Test Anxiety Groups On STAAR Testing Day Eat a good, healthy breakfast Do a relaxing activities like taking deep breaths, tensing muscles and then relaxing them, talking about something unrelated to STAAR Arrive early or on-time to

school Wear layers so your child is comfortable in any temperature Remain calm and positive Technology Tip

Istation App for Reading and Writing- Free Education Galaxy-each grade each subject $2.99 Ready Set STAAR- Science-Free Greg Tang Mathgreat website for extending learning through fun and innovative activities Think Through Mathcompletely aligned to state standards and provides students with materials at their level based on preassessment data within the program Reflex Math---provides a fun way for students to freshen up on their math fact fluency

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