490MIC SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION Preparing a Research Proposal 5T201

490MIC SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION Preparing a Research Proposal 5T201

490MIC SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION Preparing a Research Proposal 5T201 T 2 0 1 H T T P : / / FA C . K S U . E D U . S A / A S M A L S A L E H : A S M A L S A L E H @ K S U . E D U . S A What is a research proposal A proposal is a request for support of sponsored research, instruction, or extension projects A PROPOSAL IS NOT A MINI-RESEARCH PAPER. The proposal is to sell your idea. So you need to convince your funding

agency that: A. Your research question is important and worthy of study. B. The technical approach is likely to generate of yield results. C. The investigators and their research team are the right group to carry out this work and accomplish the research goals. What does the proposal answer? It should answer the following questions QUICKLY AND EASILY o It should explain: Your intention (i.e what do you want to do) The expenses

Duration of time. o How does this project relate to your sponsor's interests? o The difference that your research will make to your university, your students, your discipline, the state, the nation, or any other concerned parties? o the previous studies and achievements in the same field. o Detailed plan (task per time) o The method in which you will evaluate your results? o Your previous work in this field and why YOU NOT OTHERS? Types of proposals 1. Solicited proposals. 2.

Unsolicited proposals. 3. Other types include: a) Pre-proposals b) Continuation or non-competing proposals c) Renewal or competing proposals

Types of proposals 1. Solicited proposals. Submitted in response to a specific solicitation issued by a sponsor. Typically called Request for Proposals (RFP) or Request for Quotations (RFQ). 2. Unsolicited proposals. Submitted to a sponsor that has not issued a specific solicitation but they have interest in the subjects. 3. Other types include: a)

Pre-proposals issued by the sponsor to minimize the applicant number. b) Continuation or non-competing proposals Confirm the original proposal and funding requirement of a multi-year project. c) Renewal or competing proposals Requested for continued support for an existing project that is about to terminate Illinois University Library, USA Proposal format Title: Short, accurate and clear. No acronyms or technical jargon. Abstract: (100-200 words) summery of the project, its objectives,

significance, methods, identity of research team and the expected results. Introduction the research problem, its significance, and the technical approach Background This section should present a concise review of the primary literature relevant to your proposed research efforts. As such it should: Cite the key literature sources Be up to date Critically appraise the literature Proposal format Preliminary studies (If applied). Was there any past studies from your laboratory in this field? If not? Research methodologies: description of the specific experiments and alternate plans in case of potential difficulties/challenges. Should include a timeline of work and experiments. Requirements:

Budget: direct and indirect expenses. Specific requirements: such as laboratory consumables, instruments, reagents and chemicals .. Etc. List of references. Curriculum Vitae for Principal Investigators Include information about your research team and their expertise in the field. Mini-proposal. IN OUR CASE: The purpose is to give your instructor a basic idea of what will be discussed in your research paper. Title - Clear, Concise Introduction - Include: Problem, Need, Importance, Rationale, Situation and What is this study going to do about the problem? research questions or hypotheses. Review Of Literature - Which topical areas of the literature will be searched? Methodology - How will the study be conducted? (approximately a sentence

each describing population and sampling, instrument development, data gathering method, data analysis, statistics design of the study and TIMELINE) List of References - Two or three primary references. Your teams CV IMPORTANT INFORMATION Your deadline is 1/10/2015, 18/12/1436 Proposals to be sent to [email protected] Email subject format (490MIC-Group name-Project name) Send as word file. DO NOT PROTECT YOUR FILE WITH A PASSWORD. Word file formatting: English: maximum 2500 words (times new romans, font 12 pt, line spacing 1.5, margins 2.5cm) Arabic: maximum 3800 words (Arial, font 12 pt, line spacing 1.5, margins 2.5cm) references

http:// www.webguru.neu.edu/undergraduate-research/research-funding/rese arch-proposals http:// www.okstate.edu/ag/agedcm4h/academic/aged5980a/5980/mini.htm https:// www.cayuga-cc.edu/pdf/academics/writingassistance/rsrch_proposal.p df http://www2.hawaii.edu/~matt/proposal.html http://www.library.illinois.edu/learn/research/proposal.html

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